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Daily Reboots

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    If you have played here since before our last host change, around March, you are familiar with the automatic restarts that all of our servers would do each day. We have brought these back out of necessity and also convenience.

    Why is it necessary? It is simply because most Minecraft plugins are not perfect. Some of them have memory leaks and get unstable after running for long periods of time. Restarting the server every 24 hours can rid the server of most lag and instability, meaning it will be smoother when things get hectic at peak times.

    It is convenient for me because I can tweak things and add updates that take effect after the server restarts without having to do it myself at a random time, which can be frustrating for you guys. Especially if it is done multiple times.. The daily restart will always be at the same time, so you guys will get familiar with it and expect it every day.

    The current times that the servers are restarting will likely change, so I will give you those times at a later date. The desired time will probably around 1 am central time.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
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  2. JayaYahya

    JayaYahya Well-Known Member

    Why isn't there some good Minecraft plugins?
  3. Ender_AB

    Ender_AB Administrator

    There are some good plugins.

    But understand, most plugins are made by minecraft fans. In their room. In their parents house. For free. As a hobby. Unprofessionalyl.

    The good ones get improved, and improved, and upgraded, sometimes improved by other people too and at some point maybe they come close to high quality. But even then there might still be an old fault in the codes somewhere that nobody ever noticed and that is causing the plugin to become instable if an instance keeps running for long enough.
  4. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

    So no more clear lag? :D
  5. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    Jam can you do the daily restarts around 11PM EST so people who want to afk all night they can afk and it wont kicked them if they afk at 11Pm and get kicked at 2am [EST] which is 1am [CENTRAL]
  6. ali13

    ali13 Fresh Spawn

    how much time it takes
  7. Itz_ZPTV

    Itz_ZPTV Factions Moderator

    Set an alarm/timer at 1:00am and just log back on the server lol
  8. Ender_AB

    Ender_AB Administrator

    Yes! Commit! Conspiracy = life. Real life is underrated so a healthy night of sleep is secondary compared to ingame income! :D:D:D
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  9. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    Not everyone can wake up 2am and go back to sleep when they have school at 8
  10. chaoticraft

    chaoticraft Well-Known Member

    thts only convenient for u..
  11. GILGA

    GILGA Member

    I Think its Okay With Auto Restart ... I Mean You Can Play 23 hours and 55 Minutes in a Day ...... !!
    so its Not a Big Deal if You Cant Play For 5 Minutes .. Or Maybe Lass than 5 Minutes .
    At Least Auto Restart Take Down the CLearLag .. Which it Was Really Killing Many Players who Lost Them Good Stuff
    For No Reasons ...
    it alos Fix Everything And Make Plugins Work in a Good Way ..
    it Lass the lag on the server by clearing the Memory ..
    For Me I'm Okay With Auto Restart and I Hope it Still Going On .. cuz this thing Can Make The Server Survive For Much time Longer
  12. GILGA

    GILGA Member

    You Know We Have Players From around The World Almost ... so time changes with every single country !
    like me when the server auto restart up daily .. at the time I would be already prepaer to going for a work .. maybe other player would be in free time day
    or some could be sleep !
    maybe its morning or evening or med night somewhere !! so

    you might change the time for what its good for you .... But think about other players !
  13. Tuxorz

    Tuxorz Fresh Spawn

    It sounds like aids.
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  14. BlueFray

    BlueFray Active Member

    Um... Different time zones? :p
    There are many players from all around the world.
  15. Moksh

    Moksh Member

    When is 1.11 coming for survival?
  16. JayaYahya

    JayaYahya Well-Known Member

  17. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    There not alot of people on at 11-12PM EST Unless you think 5-10 players is ALOT
  18. GILGA

    GILGA Member

    it's Not About " A Lot " it's About Respecting .. Even if the Number will be 1 Player
    1 still Deserve some Respect From us !
    for me : I would let it goes like this in anytime server do restart itself .. instead of
    of change time .. and make " some " players Feel sad Cuz of My Suggest ..
    anyway i'm just sayin My Opinion about it ..
    cuz it doesn't matter for me when it will restart if the time will change or not .. I'm almost 19 hours in the day online ..

    And plz dont take that personal we are sharing Just Opinion here :)
  19. xLsGRules

    xLsGRules Well-Known Member

    yay, now i can't afk overnait
  20. superomega

    superomega Well-Known Member

    the 1.11 update is so bad just compare it to 1.10
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