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Survival: Map V

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member


    It is finally nearing time for the fifth era of Survival on CC. This has been a long year so far on 1.12, with supposed updates to 1.13 and ultimately the decision to jump to 1.14 with a reset.

    Going from 1.12 to 1.14 is a relatively big jump. A lot has changed not only gameplay wise, but with how plugins are made as well. Server-side performance is known to be worse in general on 1.14, so there might be more lag issues from time to time when lots of mobs are loaded, and when there's a good amount of players on. With that being said, this is why we are taking a more simplistic approach for map 5. Since you all have been really dying for us to update, I don't think you will mind this trade-off for the beginning of the map.

    Map 5 Changes & Updates

    New Spawn Area

    @xdCyanide and I came up with an original concept for a spawn to create for 1.14 while I was waiting for dev work for Factions. I sketched out some concept art and then we got to work crafting a spawn that is more fit for Survival. The map 4 spawn was a little too big and complex for its own good, so we kept that in mind when beginning the new design.

    A lot of what's new in Minecraft since 1.13 is aquatic themed, so we wanted to find a way to combine that with some of the other new additions in 1.14, such as pandas, bamboo and sea turtles. After scouring the map looking for a natural area that would be a good foundation for a tropical bay, and built out our tribal village around it.


    Our goal for this build was the fact that you spawn in a cavern, where you reach the surface by swimming through a nice tunnel filled with the new sea-life, such as coral and sea weed. The end product is a cozy looking cavern with tribal style homes built near the walls, sea lanterns sprawling from the ceiling, and a bit of natural light coming from the sky.


    No More Classes

    One of the major changes with this map is the removal of "McMMO Ranks" aka Classes. They cause you deal with something referred to as player's remorse when you grind out all of the levels/ranks, only to be disappointed with the rewards. Another problem is that having classes really restricts your style of gameplay since they can't be easily changed. Given that Minecraft Survival is based on freedom, and being able to do what you want, a bulky class system seems to go against that. One reason for adding the classes on map 4 was to help balance 1.12's wonky PvP, but the very thing that balanced it was only achievable by those who were the higher ranks, so it did not have the desired effect.

    Bosses Removed

    Bosses will not be available on the release of map 5. The reason for this is mostly due to wanting to keep the server relatively lightweight because of 1.14's performance issues. Don't worry though, new and better bosses will be added if performance isn't a big problem. I've gotten a lot of practice making them for the upcoming Factions release, and look forward to making some for Survival.

    McMMO Changes

    The author of McMMO has begun development on their plugin again. This is a great sign, because McMMO has gone a very long time without any updates. As of right now, the main difference you will notice with McMMO is that it is has much lower caps on the max levels. This is because the stats are all scaled down 10x lower. For example, if an ability was unlocked at Herbalism level 750 on map 4, it would be unlocked at level 75 on map 5. Each skill also has a hard max, so you will only be able to level each one up to 100 instead of just going infinitely. Getting to level 0-100 in a skill is still just as difficult as going from 0-1000 on map 4, so it's just a cosmetic change.

    In light of the update and the removal of the McMMO ranks, now is the perfect time to fine-tune McMMO. In the past, Taming has just been used for filler to help with ranking up- the same can be said about Unarmed. These two will be removed. No longer will you feel pressured to grind a skill you might not want to grind for the sake of ranking up.

    Sword Skill Changes
    • Swords now don't cause as much bleeding damage, and it only lasts for a very short period of time.
    • The Serrated Strikes damage dealt was lowered by 25%.
    Axe Skill Changes
    • Armor impact was raised raised to 1.6 from 1.0. The chance for it to occur was raised from 1% to 6.2%.
    • The damage skull splitter deals was lowered by 25%.
    New Crates & Voting

    The crates have been completely revamped for the new map. There are currently three crates, Common, Rare and Legendary. The Common crate is basically the new Vote Crate, but it's simplified down to things that will (almost) always be useful, like XP, claim blocks and money.

    A new and better voting method will be added and you will be able to vote again like the old days. However, there will only be one vote site for the time being. Voting was initially removed on Survival because of incompatibility issues which caused lag spikes for each vote.

    Rank Vouchers

    Every rank that's in our store can be easily traded or sold in game with the help of Rank Vouchers on Map 5. Rank Vouchers are obtained when you buy a rank from the server store, and they also have a rare chance of being won in the paid crates. So, this means that f2p players actually have a much easier and safer way to get a rank without having to rely on dodgy agreements. Players who obtain vouchers can sell them through the Auction House to anyone who wants to buy them.

    Note: This change will take effect only after map 5 is released.

    Combat Area Improvements

    When I uploaded the PvP warp from Map 4 I realized how badly it needed some renovations. @xdCyanide , @Cluster21 and @DIMISS helped with the design a little bit and overall made it a much more appealing area that's more fun to fight and exist in.


    The mountains needed a lot of work, so I spent some time shaping them up and added some texture to make the environment feel more lively and realistic.

    You will notice now that while you are in this warp, your render distance can go up to 12 chunks. You can also see players and arrows all the way across the map. If your computer can handle it, there will be no unloaded chunks at all in the entire area.

    Combat Mechanics & OP Gear

    There are some minor changes in PvP resulting from the removal of Classes and "OP Gear." After our combat update, we added a Regen Modifier, Damage Multiplier from Classes, and a Golden Apple cooldown. All of these things will be disabled on map 5. We have balanced the McMMO combat skills to where they alone improve 1.12's combat.

    Here are the changes:
    • Vanilla regen from eating is re-enabled
    • Damage multipliers from classes are removed, since classes don't exist
    • Golden Apple cooldown is disabled
    • Golden Apples now have vanilla mechanics and aren't as powerful
    • God Apples are disabled and not found in any kits
    • Protection 4 and Sharpness 5 are max
    New Rank Names

    It's about time for an update to the rank names on Survival. After map 5 begins, the rank names seen in the screenshot below will be the new names.


    Iron is Miner, Gold is Builder and Diamond is Architect. You can still choose Miner, Builder and Architect from /titles, if you prefer those.

    New Kits

    Each rank now has a new type of kit. The kit will give one type of Mystery Crate. Iron gets a Common one, Gold gets Rare and the Diamond Rank gets Legendary. These Mystery Crates have a variety of loot and upon placing one down, you will get several items from a loot table which will vastly improve the monotony and uselessness of the donor kits. You will be able to sell or trade these crates if you like, as well.

    Economy & Selling

    The economy transition to coins is now more fully implemented. All sell prices have been scaled down 10x to make for a more realistic medieval feel.

    There is no longer a /sell menu where you drag and drop items into it to be sold. Instead, there is /worth and /sell inv/hand. Using /worth while holding an item will show you how much it sells for. Keep in mind that sell inv will sell everything in your inventory that has a value on /worth. All of the same items that were on the /prices menu are on here, so things like armor and weapons won't be sold of course.

    World Borders

    Generating worlds on 1.14 is a very slow process. Hopefully it will be fixed in future releases or 1.15. We will not be able to expand these borders since World Generation on 1.14 slows the TPS down to a snail's pace. If there's an update from Mojang that fixes this issue we should be able to increase them. In the mean time I will search for methods to generate maps quickly. As of right now it would take an estimation of 30 days or more to generate a 50k border world (which is what we wanted to go for).

    • The Overworld border will be at 30k
    • The Nether border will be at 10k
    • The End border will be at 20k
    You might wonder why we can't just set the border to 50k and not generate the chunks. The reason for this is because when exploring chunks that have never been loaded before, it causes them to be generated first before they are loaded. This puts a much higher strain on the cpu, resulting in major lag. For some reason in 1.14, this generation process is a lot slower than previous versions.


    KoTH was addressed in the Survival discord channel a couple days ago, and whether or not you guys are okay with us not having it on the release of map 5. Everyone seemed to prefer releasing the map rather than waiting a few more weeks to get this fixed. KoTH is a very old plugin and it, like a few others, have not updated for 1.14. It is open source however, so we might be able to fix it soon. In the mean time, feel free to suggest some sort of PvP events we could host on the weekends.

    Player Shops

    There are a few simple changes with the player shop system as follows:
    • Only players with a donor rank can purchase a shop license
    • The 10% sales tax is removed
    • Licenses will cost 50k
    • Shop tags will cost 15k
    Mob Stacking & Optimization for 1.14

    Mob stacking is being removed. The main reason for this is because it hasn't been updated for 1.14. This will bring about a few changes to how mobs are handled.

    Every Survival map of ours utilizes something called Entity Chunk Limit for certain mobs that are frequently farmed or held in one area. In previous maps this number was set to around 24, but it's being lowered to 16. Several new entities since 1.12 have been added to the list, notably Villagers and Minecarts.

    Time will tell whether we can increase the limit, or add Mob Stacking back for spawner mobs. We are better off being staying on the safe side and starting with stricter limits rather than higher ones, because the server being laggy and unplayable is a much less desirable outcome.

    For further precautions, I've optimized several things in the back-end that should help combat against lag in 1.14, such as chunk load thresholds, global mob limits. These methods are subject to tweaking after the release until a satisfactory middle ground is reached.

    Release Date & Time Zones

    Here are the release dates and times in a few different countries for your convenience. You can also find a countdown timer here.

    US: September 21st, 11 AM EST
    Greece: September 21st, 6 PM EEST
    Philippines: September 22nd, 11 PM PHT

    Game Version: Map 5 is Minecraft version 1.14.4. You will only be able to join on this version.

    Please note that all of the above mentioned changes will apply only after map 5 is released.
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  2. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

  3. Sardaukar

    Sardaukar Fresh Spawn

    Jamm, it's impressive how much care you and your team put into making sure the server isn't excessively pay 2 win. The new changes in map 5 clearly show that as well. Cheers!
  4. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Very nice!


    What about map 17 :(
  5. Ziyadk

    Ziyadk Member

    it looks beautiful and thank you for hearing the community for changes and updates ^,^ i can't wait to test everything said here :D and please don't delete xD fishing skill <3

  6. Mashir0e

    Mashir0e Fresh Spawn

    shop licenses are 50k now? guess i'll be buying one after the reset...
  7. YES its gona reset ! in a just one week `a saterday`
  8. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    1 thing i am worried about is you not being to oit hit the natural regen in pvp also plz dont make the mountains at warp pvp so high so people wont be able to escape as easily
  9. 69Chromosomes

    69Chromosomes Fresh Spawn

    Do the donor commands will stay the same or nah ??
  10. dizzyy

    dizzyy Member

    Do we keep shop tags / licenses from last map?
    Also p2w shop licenses Smh.
  11. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    no everything resets meaning you would have to buy it again lol
  12. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Ranks and tags are kept (which have been bought from the CC store), besides that everything else will be reset. So any ingame items or builds are gonna POOF.
  13. Libearty!

    Libearty! Member

    I`m happy mobs wont stack (for now) because right now in map 4 its hard to get wool from sheep cause they stack so I could have 20 Pink sheep but only get 2 Wool.:confused:

    I like the Update on the Donor Kits. :cool:

    If the economy scale went down 10 times doesn't that mean having 100k in map 5 same as having 1Mil in map 4? so that makes the shop license price still the same.o_O

    I like the idea of Mcmmo ranks being removed and Rank Vouchers are just the Best! :D
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  14. dizzyy

    dizzyy Member

    Oh xd pretty gae NGL.

    IMA make a shop and bypass the jamm rent costz
  15. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Yes, with the exception of disguises (for now). It should be fixed soon.
  16. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

  17. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

  18. Benjiii

    Benjiii Active Member

    I like how he left the Uk out of the timezones D: boooo
  19. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    What time zone are you in? I can add it.
  20. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    add PST <33

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