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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by YMbrothers, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. YMbrothers

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    Yes, this is long, but it might worth your time. And yes, I know, the countdown timer already started. But they can do some tweaks during that time, and roll back if it failed.

    Map 5 is coming, but we know little about its contents. The details might be announced in the Elite group, but I'm not part of it (not do I have the time in my college life). I'm quite worried about mistakes happening again in Map 5, so I want to make some suggestions.

    1) Remove loot from certain mobs

    To protect the economy, there are farms that are banned. At the moment, it's gold farm and iron farm. However, in 1.14, 1 new and broken farm was introduced-- the Raid Farm. This farm, unlike the above 2, is in another level. Players can have infinite Crossbows, Emeralds and most importantly, Totem of Undying. This farm has to be banned.

    However, if we simply put that into the ban list and do nothing, players (especially new players who never read the rules, get banned, and do meaningless appeals) can always make them with the risk of being banned. We don't have much staff, so we simply cannot search through every player and check if they have illegal farms. If we disable the loots though, these players will find the farms meaningless to make, completely eliminating those farms from the server. Loot tables, in 1.14, are extremely easy to manipulate. You simply put a datapack that changes vanilla mob's loot table. It might be even easier plugin-wise, just as we saw devs removing raw fish from Guardians in Map 4.

    For the sake of economy and load on the staff members, this one is highly recommended to be implemented, if not already. I suggest removing loot from Iron Golem, Zombie Pigman (even the flesh. We aren't meant to kill them for loot), Pillagers, Vindicators, Evokers (the totem can be earned in other ways, since players who can fly will just loot all the mansions within 3 days) (we can spare the ravenger).

    PS: Also make ender pearls not sell-able, like the prismarine loot.

    2) Custom Kits for Boss rooms

    Looking back in map 4, people never see the bosses as worthy opponents to take down as a group, they're simply gambling machines which people get profit based on the loot it gives. To increase the profit, they usually fight alone to get 100% on the boss. This is NOT teamwork and it has no sign of being a boss.

    At the moment, bosses are removed in map 5. But in the future, they will add it. That's why I'm mentioning it. I saw the dev (still @Justugh , right?) trying to combat this issue by buffing the boss so that players cannot take it down alone. This is not a solution at all. No matter how much you buff the boss, there's always 2 issues unfixed:
    A) Players can find a safespot or other ways to chip damage and kill the boss alone
    B) New players or players with weak gear cannot enjoy the boss fight.

    I made a lot of suggestions to fix this before, but all were ignored completely. Still, I'll give another try. IF the problem of boss fights lacking teamwork lies on the gear unbalance (player 1 with max gear, the rest with mid-game gear), we can just assign them with some gear kits to choose from, so that their stats are more balanced and much weaker (mcmmo must exist, so some damage advantage is inevitable). With a fixed gear, we can set the boss to a difficulty which players cannot fight alone. Safe-spotting is still an issue, but it's up to the devs to add custom boss abilities or even dungeon rooms to prevent that. It takes a lot of work to create one and (keep up with the work!).

    Yes, this solution is possible. we used to have /amc and players get rewards (Flaming Hoe?) in the real world despite having a fresh inventory.

    3) Make 1 world for building only, 1 for resource gathering + Only allow break/place in claimed lands of the building world + Cost for removing claims

    I believe I made this suggestion before and it's ignored once again. And once again, I'll give another try.

    During Map 3 and Map 4, I often see cases where an unclaimed house (usually new players who don't claim) gets grieved, random wood blocks and pillars all over the place, and ruined underground. This is absolutely annoying and lack of attention.

    My solution is to put resource gathering in a separate world from the one we lived in. They can ruin the terrain and get whatever they want in that world, while we do the building in the main world. That resource world can also reset monthly, saving some space for the server. To prevent grieving in the main world, we can disallow break/place blocks in the unclaimed areas. Since block claims do cost, and very limited, it'll discourage people from ruining the building world.

    There is one exploitable issue though. Players can break everything, unclaim the land, and claim another. If we disable claim removal, it'll punish the player heavily when they mis-click. This also happens quite frequently so we definitely need to include claim removal. To solve both issues at once, make claim removal cost, a lot. If players claim a land to gather all of its resources, we just have to make the claim removal cost so much that they'll have a net loss. A precise amount is up to the devs, but I suggest that they test this by emptying the whole chunk and sell all the items, and set the price like +20% of the profit. This will discourage players from exploiting the issue from the "modifiable land only in claimed areas" solution.

    Edit: After some thinking, @cp12cwp actually makes sense. This is survival, not prison.
    Content > Dealing with grievers

    4. Disable Elytras in Nether and End

    This one's simple. The devs tried to slow down Fortresses and Cities being raided by disabling /fly in Nether and End. However, elytra + firework is just as fast (or faster if you don't mind smashing into a random block). Disabling Elytra, players can only get there by walking, lucky portals and pearling. This is MUCH slower than /fly and elytra.

    5. Vote to ban players (for 1 day)

    This one's risky (in terms of exploit), but hear this out. There are A TON of cases which players hack in pvp areas and no staff members are online or care about it. I know @danisaacs is a very active staff, but he still needs to /afk and sleep sometime. When there's no staff online, all the rest of the community can do is to hackustate the guy, making the chat all messy while watching the hacker wrecking havoc. In addition, hackers can always make alts (especially because this server is cracked) or use vpn to bypass IP Bans. There's no way to get the MAC address of the hacker's device, so we just have to vote every single one of them out. Staff members have regular offline periods, but the server has regular players online 24/7.

    Here's my solution: We get online players to vote whether the target should be banned or not.
    Here's how it works: When somebody sees a hacker, they can do a command like /banhacker <player> <reason>. The player can only submit 1 poll until the poll ended. And we can queue the polls. Also, staff are protected from this command (if a staff hacks, we can always file a report in the forums). When it started, it'll ask ALL players in the server whether they want to join the poll or not (since the majority might be afking), except the accused (so that they won't disable the hacks immediately. They can put alts to be notified, but most hackers will be new and won't know this system). Only players with at least rank II can participate (to prevent somebody creating a ton of alts and start the poll). When started, participants can choose whether they want to ban this player or not (in chat or a new gui). After all players voted or 3 minutes (3 because players can take a look by themselves) have passed, the accused will be banned for 1 day if the vote has 50%+ Yes-es. When the poll ended, a new one in the queue will start immediately (might spam the chat, but it's a small price to pay for salvation). In addition, players can only start a poll when the hacker is online. However, once it's queued, it can ban the guy even if he's offline.
    Why it works: This vote system only combats the fact that staff members aren't always online. Helpers or higher can still ban the hacker immediately. If no staff is present that time, let that hacker stop for 1 day and see if there's staff online next time. Also, if somehow people exploited this system and banned a clean player, it will only make them lose 1 day worth of progress. If somebody exploit the system, we always have 3+ minutes to do videos and record their misbehavior.

    That's it for now. I know there many more issues present, but I have to sleep. Plus, the above suggestions are likely to be ignored. And if you read through the whole passage, I'll still thank you even if you disagree with all 5 suggestions above.
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  2. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    I love the ban poll thing we need it 1 thing is if a huge party votes against a player he will get false banned
  3. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    That is true. That's when we can report that huge party in the Forums. 3 minutes is sufficient to open up a video recording software. Remember, staff here doesn't accept screenshots. Also, most hackers are just newbies wanting to join a random server, destroy everything, and leave. They won't have knowledge about this system (hence no chance appealing using videos).
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  4. i agree with removing loot from some mobs because of the farms
  5. RazotayX

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    The player banning system seems interesting but I get the feeling players will find ways to abuse it. For example if one person is being bullied by other players (Not sure if survival is toxic enough for that kinda stuff) they can easily ban him for no reason. Over all it seems unlikely that it will be implemented. It also gets rid of the point of staff to a certain degree.

    Staff should have a more defined authority is what Im saying I guess. Then again, some staff dont do shit (not sayin any names) so it might help the community.

    And If some of these ideas are implemented to survival, please implement some of them to Factions, like the banning system and boss fights.
  6. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    Yes, that's the problem. I tried my best to think about every way a person can abuse it, but I'm not God so I don't know everything. In before, I said that the way to combat this is to make the vote 3 minutes long. If a group of players (especially factions) want to ban somebody for unfair advantage, the victim has a chance to record (again, no screenshots will be accepted) their behavior, 3 minutes should also be sufficient for a PVP battle (otherwise, extra code is needed to make sure they can ban people after the combat timer).

    Anticheat system does not think, but human staff members are. That's where you can appeal and report abusers. It's much better to have no staff dealing with hackers online.
  7. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    You bring many valid points, but I dont see this becoming a reality. Idk, might just be me but I wouldnt want it to be like that if I were an Owner, it just seems wrong some how. Lmao
  8. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    The server's not mine, so it's not mine to ensure my suggestion MUST be added to the game. All I can do is to suggest, and let the devs or the owner to decide.

    That is, if their ears are open.
  9. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    1. - Yeah I don't see much of an issue with that.
    2. - I mean, I'd like something similar to mob arena but for bosses instead, needing multiple players to join. I don't think making set kits for bosses is fair cuz ppl have different styles of PvE. For example, a player may be better at tanking but can't do as much damage, so they'd be bringing fewer hp pots and more strength pots to balance it out. Maybe a player better at landing more damage than tanking so they take more hp pots. Some players may enjoy jump boost some may not, its an issue because it makes fewer spots for a potion a player may need specifically. Personally, I like boss fights and if a player can kill it on their own then they should be allowed to. Just make the loot not as great, I would like a mob arena though, similar to your idea. Sadly, we don't have MA Anymore. *cough* Justugh isn't a dev anymore *cough*
    3. - I don't personally like that idea, only because of the fact it kind of ruins the feel for survival imo. If players report griefers it can easily just be rolled back, I think it's a little excessive to make an entire realm to stop it. When I see griefed houses I report and 9/10 times they get fixed, its just a matter of taking your time out of the day to report it.
    4. - I like that idea, a huge eco differentiation was the shulkers. One day they were 50k the next 25k. I think it would also help with the fact that Jamm wouldn't need to expand the end regularly as it's going to be a lot harder to get around. Personally I don't see the issue with it in the nether, it's a small world and pearls are just as easy to get. Frankly, pearls are going to be easier to use because using an elytra in the nether is a huge hazard compared to the end where if you fly high enough you are safe from it.
    5. - I see your intentions are good but thats also something that can be abused, especially because a lot of bans are at a staffs discretion and it is not up to the players to be banning people. One person saying "gtfo" might be considered toxic to someone fragile, but to someone else thats something they say every day. Also, as MightyNutella said.....people would 100% abuse it, especially in a PVP circumstance. Party leaders can be like "so and so abused the border, did you see that?!" a lot of players would instantly believe them because they believe their party leader wouldn't lie to them. Easily making it so a player can be banned, before a large PVP fight or even if they were doing something like in a drop party..it can be abused on so many levels just so a player can't be given a chance to make money. The easy solution would be to get more staff in several timezones, players like @danisaacs should be mod imo, and players like xMetu should be an Admin. When I play, typically Dani is on during the day and Metu late into the night. However, I know there's a spot between the 2 where the server gets quite active and theres, no staff, online, maybe encouraging more players to apply? I don't know.
  10. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    2- Oh... Who's the dev of Survival now? Or is his name revealed?
    On the other hand, my major thought is to make sure people won't use the armor and weapon they have in real-time survival, cuz for sure dungeons will turn into money grinders when Prot V+ and Sharp VI+ is introduced (it's not for now, but soon it will be. Map 4 is a great example). The kit itself can be flexible (e.g. each player will be given 20 gold nuggets at the start and let them buy the stuff from villagers. Dungeon gates open 1-3 minutes later) or (e.g. 8 kits, such as Tank kit, Ninja kit).

    3- I mean, it's understandable if you (and many others) think that watching property being destroyed and gets fixed after some toxicity released is a part of survival. Really, no sarcasm here. But prevent grieving isn't my only main point of this item. As you know, world expansion stuffs memory to the server exponentially. And the reason people want expanding is either (1) have a new Minecraft update (2) can't find a good place to build (3) can't find an unexplored structure to loot. And I feel like (3) is most probable. If we have a resource world that often resets, people won't need to complain about it.
    Of course, we also need to account for new players who just cannot distinguish between the main world and resource world. I agree that this IS an issue.

    5- Well, I agree again, people will 100% abuse it. No matter how the devs try to fix that, people will find new ways to bypass. The decisive factor is that whether we sacrifice some players' 0-24 hours of playtime to free the server from a "many hackers but no working staff" situation. Of course, this is like the last straw. If there's an active staff online, the system can always be disabled.
    Problem (other than being obused) is that whether people even care to report.

    Thanks for the reply. Judging from the activity here, I doubt any of my suggestions will be applied. So I guess the conversion will end in like 1-2 replies.
  11. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Active Member

    2. - I dont think there is a dev/there isnt being anything above vanilla this map, Jamm said so and players wanted it like that. :)
    3. - Just doesnt give the whole survival aspect imo, makes it feel like prison lmfao.
    5. - I believe a good way is to detect playtime, if they have like only an hour playtime and ppl do it, then thats a great way because the majority of hackers are just trolls who join and hack within first 5 mins of playing ^-^
  12. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    2 - Oh...... But we still need to limit the mob drops if we include Economy Plugin.
    3 - That.... Actually makes sense...
    5 - That's also do-able. Problem is how to make sure ppl can't hack in their first hour? Stop them from leaving spawn for an hour? Do note that Xray is also a very serious issue along with killaura.

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