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    After discussion with cp12cwp and danisaacs about plugins in the early days of Map4, I decided to initiate this thread discussing these old plugins so that this catches the eye of Moderators, Administrators, Developers and anyone who could potentially help bringing any of them back. I collected some information about them and posted them here. This will also teach newer players how it was to play on CC back in the day.

    1) Mob Arena:
    By typing "/ma join" the player would be teleported in a small room and given 1 minute to get ready and pick a class and purchase items with Mob Arena currency so that they would be well prepared to fight the endless waves of Mobs which would be trying to get him for 10 minutes straight. Epic rewards such as diamonds and vote keys awaited the winners, plus a special Wave 20 Club wooden sword as a souvenir of reaching wave 20, which was rather hard.
    2) Fishing Events:
    They were 10 minute events that would occur randomly. This gave players a reason to go fishing and make use of the Master Fisherman Set, thus also leveling up their McMMO, which players don't usually do under normal circumstances. This is a great example of plugins working together, since the Fishing Events made players want to be productive. Also, one could get unique fish, with the grand prize being the Pygmy Whale. All the items were able to be sold in a dedicated fish market for good amounts of money and every fish had its own size, making it also competitive in the aspect of who had the bigger fish, which meant that the one who had the biggest, he could eat all the others, there's always a bigger fish!

    3) /Quests:
    The Quests were achievement-like milestones that would reward the player for completing them. They were usually organized in sections, such as "Gain "X" amount of XP" or "Harvest "X" amount of crops" that would become even more difficult when the player completed their past phase. They gave players In-Game Currency as an award for completing them which was a great way to make people feel more productive.
    4) Rank Trophies:
    Although they served more as decoration rather than useful items, they were unique to the server and people were sad to see those leave, even with the addition of Races. The Item Museum has a wall dedicated to these items. Specifically they were a Furnace, an Anvil, an Enderchest, an Enchanting Table, an End Portal and a Totem of Undying ranked all the way from Rank I to 6, with the last item being the Mastermind Ender Crystal. Those were not only great decoration items but were also Iconic for the server.

    5) Realname Mouse Scroll:
    Pretty self explanatory, once the player scrolled their mouse over the name of another player, their name appeared. This was incredibly useful in case a donator had a complete overhaul of their name with /nickname and people could not directly recoginise them. A pretty Useful Tool at the time, able to be used by anyone at any given time.
    6) Parts of Mysteria:
    I'm sure this is coming up a lot, however after discussion, it was decided that a complete comeback of Mysteria would be more of a burden than a reasonable addition. However, the key here would be bringing back some of Mysteria's best parts. One idea would be getting the Flavus Boss into Survival for players to fight and get unique loot, so that it's more than just unused content.

    I have the feeling that these plugins would both leave new players with a good feeling of the server after their first logout, perhaps make them want to come again. They could also encourage older players want to join, but let's not limit ourselves to only these plugins. Other old plugins as well as new ones aim for the better experience of the player, and I personally believe that the player has the power to determine what the server could include. This was my rather nostalgic take on the issue, I'd love to hear feedback from anyone! Up until then, have a good rest of your day.

    ~ Huge Thanks to cp12cwp and danisaacs ~
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    +1 after all i helped brainstorm
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    No offense but I talked about this in the community update post. Almost word for word, except for the fishing events and rank trophies. Justugh already made a better replacement for it and it'll be coming back soon. Dungeons will be a thing, as well as quests and guilds. Just a matter of time.
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    I just noticed your comment. Thanks for responding and letting us know

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