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Greetings Theorists,

I'm making this post to have an open discussion about the chat filter and what you guys think we should allow/not allow, along with some other information you may find important.

The Chat Rules

Over time, our playerbase has gotten older, and I know that mutes can cause a lot of unnecessary drama and angst towards us, because it's simply not realistic to always deal out punishments for every infraction 24/7. One person gets muted for something, the other doesn't because it was missed or no one was online. It's a...
Greetings humans,

I'm very pleased (and relieved) to finally be able to present Map 15 to you, officially. I like to think of this map as the start of something new for us, and a big move into the right direction. We had to really take a step back and think about the direction we're going to go from this point forward and I believe that I have found a path for us. I've honestly missed having a very active factions community. Sometimes I would get tired of dealing with the toxicity, but as these past few months have gone by without a lot of you guys, I realized that...