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ConspiracyCraft is the best 1.15/1.16 Minecraft survival server! We are open to all players, both premium and cracked.

Hi guys.. I have some surprising and bad news for you today, along with an inspiring story.

The End

In short, the time has come for CC to close. It has been almost a year now since closing factions and we have managed to revive the server, but it didn't do as well as it needed to for me to justify another map. I brought a partner on a couple days ago who was interested in continuing the legacy of CC, and eventually taking over the business completely, but it did not work out the way I planned.

Yes, we have already been working on map 6 and were...
Greetings, everyone!

We're going to start posting updates on the forums again to increase awareness and reach, since not everyone uses Discord.

The Crate Update

The huge crate update has released! We have updated the following crates: Common, Rare, Legendary and King! Each crate now has much better rewards, and the idea behind the update is to modernize the crates due to addition of custom items, and to make them great again.