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Hello everyone,

I will be letting a few players join Factions today for general bug testing, and it is releasing as 1.8 instead of 1.9. If you saw my post yesterday, the reason for this is because there are some plugins we need on 1.9 which are not out yet, and plus it just feels like I'm rushing the 1.9 when we should just wait and see how the pvp thing pans out. Since they added the feature to disable cooldowns in 1.9.1 so easily, I won't be surprised if they do away with the whole new combat system they made. I hope that isn't the case, but it could very well happen.

Furthermore, I...
Many of you are probably scared of that title, but don't worry. All this is about is the ability to join the server with 1.9 now. We have a 1.9 version of Kit Pvp open as of right now. It's not an official server, it's just to let you guys test out or practice your 1.9 skills (or lack thereof). The kits contain shields and Elytras (gliding wings), along with the normal kit items. Have fun!

If you want to join, just join the hub on 1.9 and run to the red portal!