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Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 23)

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Can't go 50/50 wit no hoe Jul 16, 2018 at 10:33 PM

JammTheGoat was last seen:
Viewing forum Conspiracy Theories, Jul 17, 2018 at 10:30 AM
    1. RazotayX
      Jamm name ur server Goatcraft :) so we can worship the goat.
    2. JammTheGoat
      1. ItsMal likes this.
      2. Infamous_Turtla
        Why is she dming me for help?
        Feb 1, 2018
      3. ItsMal
        I don't need any help, shoo.
        I got all I need <3
        Feb 3, 2018
    3. JammTheGoat
      getting a new logo made soon, too. boi it's lit.
      1. GoldZue
        Jake Paul ecksde
        Feb 13, 2018
    4. JammTheGoat
      site on point tbh
      1. Sami_Darkangel likes this.
    5. Aihkhiesd
      Jamm what happen to conspiracy? i cant go in..
    6. xtend123
      oiiiiiiiiiiii meowww xD
    7. GamingCityy_
      Can i apply for Youtube i did applyed for staff but i got denyed i want to apply for yt now but i cant apply also i didnt wanted to apply for staff .
      1. GamingCityy_
        and i frogtot when i applyed for staff i waited one week to apply for yt and again i cant apply
        Jan 23, 2018
    8. RyanePlayz
      Could your nerf the rage and lifesteal enchant in factions people are litterally getting 3 shotted with very little effort
    9. AmirRedHat
      i dont remember my password what can i do ??? plz help... my acc name was AmirRedHat
    10. FastPottinq
      Doesn't change the fact that u said u will "consider" it you never said you won't give back
    11. FastPottinq
      Give my spawners back or give a resonable reason.
    12. FastPottinq
      Please unban I beg u
      1. Infamous_Turtla likes this.
    13. JammTheGoat
      The ConspiracyCrate has been updated for January! Got some good buffs and added weps to gkits.
    14. JammTheGoat
      pull up in the drop top, she drop ded
    15. JammTheGoat
    16. iToastyToast
      Also, lower the creeper egg price, make them really cheap as possible, increase the winrate of the ceggs in votecrate or add more ceggs in the votecrate.
    17. iToastyToast
      Hey JammTheBoat! Since ezwalls are really cheap this time, at least lower the TNT price , it's not worth nuking someones walls if they can just gen walls easily without wasting a ton of money, it's the cannoner's loss. At least, do something about the raiding/cannoning department, lower the TNT price or increase the creeper spawner spawn rate.
    18. JammTheGoat
      Don't let anyone ever tell you you can't do this or be that. Prove 'em wrong.
      1. Sami_Darkangel likes this.
      2. Flash_Jordan_
        Don’t tell me I can’t let them tell me I can’t do something
        Jan 12, 2018
      3. JammTheGoat
        fack u
        Jan 12, 2018
    19. JammTheGoat
    20. JammTheGoat
      Buycraft was doing maintenance today, but it should be back up now @Wyte_It
      1. Wyte_It
        Ok thank you!
        Jan 10, 2018
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    Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 23)
    Hello, I'm the owner and founder of Conspiracy! I started this server in January of 2013 when I was 18 with a few buddies that didn't have Minecraft, so it started out cracked and has been ever since.

    We decided to make our own server because the owner of the server we came from didn't really do much and I thought that the players deserved better.

    My main goal when making a server was to create a better platform for people to make friends and enjoy this game we all love so much.

    My current goal is pretty much the same, but with a new and more ambitious trajectory. Popular Minecraft servers have been taking advantage of players for years without giving them much in return other than cool content. I want to be more than that. I want to give people a more balanced and fair experience, while still remaining profitable enough to stay in business and grow. For 2018 I plan on creating one of the most unique faction servers in the world and reaching heights we have never seen before. After that, I want to give back to the world through charities of the communitiy's choice. You guys help me out big time, and I would love nothing more than to give back to the world or a player in need.

    It took serveral years of work to get to the point we are at right now. Back when I was 18 I never really thought that I would be quitting my job 3 years later to pursue Minecraft.

    Before I was able to quit my job working in construction, I was tired. I was tired of doing the same thing every day, waking up and working for someone else- it just wasn't for me. I was severely depressed back in those days since I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but because of Minecraft, I am here typing this. This game pretty much saved my life. I was going down a dark path with no purpose, and it took finding my way to provide value to the world before the trajectory of my future was forever changed. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you for making this all possible.

    You literally saved my life.


    I'm just trying to be better today than I was yesterday.
    - I N V A S I O N -