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May 8, 2015
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Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 24)

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LMAO OMG @Jesusameme Dec 2, 2018

JammTheGoat was last seen:
Feb 19, 2019 at 8:20 PM
    1. RazotayX
      @JammMusic works? Rip no it doesnt
    2. FNC_Limun
      Jamm can you read my Builder Application please !?
    3. Howdy7473
      hey justin wanna unblock me on discord, we have to talk! Cresina#2094
      1. RazotayX likes this.
    4. Vascade
      Jamm ~

      Please accept my Discord friend request.
    5. RazotayX
      Any ideas for 2019?
      Maybe make a thread explaining your goals for 2019?
    6. ☠Lmfao☠
      Happy New Years!!!
    7. ☠Lmfao☠
      thank you for introducing me to a multiplayer community that I still play to this day close to 5 years after first logging into conspiracy. I thank you for still keeping this server up and continuing to have the passion and dedication to make this server prosper. Although you may get alot of shit, I can say with 100% confidence that you are one of the most dedicated minecraft server owners ever to exist.
    8. StratsMixas7
      If you not want your server maps be on public sale...pay me 200 USD like Ethan Koil did before 1 year from your orders. You decide: (PM for paypal link)
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      2. View previous comments...
      3. RazotayX
        Jan 1, 2019
      4. RazotayX
        Hes busy, doesnt have time for scammers.
        Jan 1, 2019
      5. StratsMixas7
        I am not a scammer..
        Jan 2, 2019
    9. JammTheGoat
      1. RazotayX and Jesusameme like this.
      2. Jesusameme
        Had this picture saved since 21 January
        Dec 2, 2018
    10. JammTheGoat
      What a week lol. I'm back :D
      1. RazotayX and Sami_Darkangel like this.
      2. giga_08
        Nice, now start refunding, nerd
        Oct 10, 2018
    11. ShadowKittyx
      Heyy sorry but i have a few things to ask ,... but first how do i private message you ? and then ill ask some stuff if you dont mine please its more about the server and the /join staff ..so please come back to me if you can and thanks
      1. Sami_Darkangel
        Oct 9, 2018
    12. Matthew De Marsh
      Matthew De Marsh
      yo so i was tempban for something i dident do 3 min after i buy keys i msg you dont get a reply claim a charge back get ban for chargeback then i cancel the chargeback and remain ban and out the money can you please contact me?
    13. JammTheGoat
      Havin fun with these updates that are coming to invasion. Minecraft is an artform.
      1. RazotayX likes this.
    14. TRYCOMAN
      How do I private message you?
      1. JammTheGoat
        Click start a conversation after clicking my profile
        Sep 7, 2018
    15. TRYCOMAN
      I remember helping construct the new spawn area and even helping you jamm building the older spawns and such. Was gonna see if my ban can be taken off? Hope you remember me too! I think I see some familiar names on here still! which is so cool ! Thanks have a great evening.
    16. TRYCOMAN
      Um not sure how to say this but I have been away from Minecraft for more than an a couple of years now, and well... I decided to look at all the past servers I've been on and seeing that I made the most impact in this server I wanted to join back up and see what's going on. But I just tried and apprently I am banned :/ from maybe 2 or 3 years ago and Not sure why as my memory has faded.
    17. JammTheGoat
      The survival update thread is coming tonight :]
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    18. JammTheGoat
      We've got some big stuff dropping on both invasion and survival here very soon.
      1. Sami_Darkangel likes this.
    19. JammTheGoat
      *adds rule about annoying profile posts so infa gets banned again*
      1. Sami_Darkangel
        +1 do it pls
        Aug 30, 2018
      2. Triozics
        plz do ;c
        Aug 31, 2018
      3. RazotayX
        Pls do. :(
        Sep 1, 2018
    20. JammTheGoat
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    Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Hello, I'm the owner and founder of Conspiracy! I started this server in January of 2013 when I was 18 with a few buddies that didn't have Minecraft, so it started out cracked and has been ever since.

    We decided to make our own server because the owner of the server we came from didn't really do much and I thought that the players deserved better.

    My main goal when making a server was to create a better platform for people to make friends and enjoy this game we all love so much.

    My current goal is pretty much the same, but with a new and more ambitious trajectory. Popular Minecraft servers have been taking advantage of players for years without giving them much in return other than cool content. I want to be more than that. I want to give people a more balanced and fair experience, while still remaining profitable enough to stay in business and grow. For 2018 I plan on creating one of the most unique faction servers in the world and reaching heights we have never seen before. After that, I want to give back to the world through charities of the communitiy's choice. You guys help me out big time, and I would love nothing more than to give back to the world or a player in need.

    It took serveral years of work to get to the point we are at right now. Back when I was 18 I never really thought that I would be quitting my job 3 years later to pursue Minecraft.

    Before I was able to quit my job working in construction, I was tired. I was tired of doing the same thing every day, waking up and working for someone else- it just wasn't for me. I was severely depressed back in those days since I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but because of Minecraft, I am here typing this. This game pretty much saved my life. I was going down a dark path with no purpose, and it took finding my way to provide value to the world before the trajectory of my future was forever changed. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you for making this all possible.

    You literally saved my life.