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Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 22)

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Owner, Male, 22

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Webstats for in-game stats are coming soon :). Apr 22, 2017

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Viewing thread Network Rules [Updated], May 24, 2017 at 8:18 PM
    1. Aron
      i got banned for spawned 3 stacks ign!!!!!! when your server got griefed somebody dropped like 20stacks of ign spawners and when you restarted the cash for most of us you put us back to 2500$ i had 200k not fair and my 2 ign that were legit ive been playing for this server for long time this is like my top one for me plus i wanted to make vids for this server good ones
    2. oguzie1
      I would chargeback right now you guys playing with ppls money your staff member isn't taking care of people he just likes to bann them davids appeal got rejected in less then 1 minute just telling u sir jamm i wish i would never pay for this server my love for this server got down im going to explain all of this and chargeback and say what happened.
    3. oguzie1
      @JammTheGoat i would chargeback all the money i've spend on this server i just bought an unbann 2 days ago we were pvping me david and a fac member we never and never knew he was hacking he said i got a rocket enchant and speed potion on me i believed that and then suddenly flash is banning us for teaming with a hacker first of all i didnt know he was.. and second of all he banned us without telling us
    4. David126788
      jamm i have to talk to you this is REALLY important flash_jordan banned our fac member for hacking and we banned us for teaming with hackers? hold on how are we suppose to know he was hacking first of all my ban appeal also got rejected in less then 1 minute are you kidding me there is no rule also saying anything about it and how are me and oguzie1 suppose to know our fac member was cheating are you kidding me??
      1. David126788
        and we bought a powerboost 2 days ago seriously this flash_jordan has something against us
        May 19, 2017 at 4:11 PM
      2. David126788
        Thank you for unbanning us Jamm, I'm sorry i was that agressive
        May 20, 2017 at 12:32 PM
    5. David126788
      Hello can i ask you something jamm
    6. XxDREDxX
      I want to create a warp i have my store all set up just a couple more things to do but it is ready... i need help XD .
    7. 814Bro
      So i logged on after about a month and went to my house (the large wooden one near Murica Shop) and found all my stuff gone/stolen and my house damaged. if you could i would like it if you found out were my stuff went or who stole it. Thx!
    8. Aron
      SERVER GOT HACKED.....you should know by now but these guys are youtubers i can tell all of them, iTzDodo772_ , zCrazy , iTzFra03 & alegamerHD , DpxRyzzz Griefing ill do some researches to find there nicknames
      in minecraft and if you guys can do something whith it , im trying to help and they do this once but you never know ill researches even more to find a antiplugin
    9. CountMeIn123123
    10. pickachu
      send me message JammTheGoat what is my password for the actual server
    11. darkwolfsniper2
      i even have screen shots too
    12. darkwolfsniper2
      plz the god got of all time
    13. darkwolfsniper2
      can i just get un ban jammthegoat i did nothing wrong it was cookiewolf2 saide6682 on the server i did nothing wrong just want to make youtube videos on your server
    14. darkwolfsniper2
      jamm it's me darkwolfsniper2 I never did nothing i was all at the out spawner and I have a YouTube video that is reddy ready if u want to see it
    15. superomega
      I want a cookie.
    16. KingRektYou
      Jamn can u give my alts warlord..
      1. JammTheGoat
        Yea, names
        May 5, 2017
      2. KingRektYou
        ItzMoePvP and ItzLucky_PvP Warlord (GLOBAL)
        VanishingKing Battlemage (GLOBAL)
        unban ItzMoePvP from survival
        May 6, 2017
      3. KingRektYou
        Did you give the ranks
        May 7, 2017
    17. Relentless
      Won 1st in the n00b of the month contest, sent u a msg
    18. oguzie1
    19. superomega
      Am i the only who is thinking what that watermark is at the bottom left corner is on his screen
      Its probably conspiracy :P
    20. oguzie1
      Jamm Could you look at the bann appeal of David126788 He is waiting the whole day and he is kinda crying cuz he got that rank from his birthday and since im his cousin he keeps asking me to tell the staffs if they can look
      1. superomega
        Crying about a game is a thing to take seriously
        Tell him that you are the 1 who ruins this game the reputation
        Apr 27, 2017
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    Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 22)
    I'm the owner of Conspiracy. I started this server in January of 2013 with a few buddies that didn't have Minecraft, so it started out cracked and has been ever since. It's been a cool thing to watch develop over the years. Hopefully it will remain active for more to come!

    I make music in my free time, something I've enjoyed doing since I was 15. You can check me out on my SoundCloud.


    Just your average goat.
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