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May 8, 2015
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Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 24)

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Rank prices have been adjusted! Poggers May 5, 2019

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May 23, 2019 at 5:23 PM
    1. BVondersaar
      Hey, I was asked to contact you for a ban appeal. I have been banned for Charge Back somehow even tho I didn't do anything related to that hope u can help. my ign : Bonyi
    2. Star
      Pls reset my profile
    3. Goazart
      Rank prices have been adjusted! Poggers
      1. RazotayX likes this.
    4. Goazart
      It's just going to give some insights on our development process and the stage at which we are at, and our goals.
      1. RazotayX likes this.
    5. Goazart
      A map 17 development post is coming soon! (: I'm hyped.
      1. Alohaa
        pls advertise more: ) stuff like discord invite rewards and revamping the discord etc can just be simple stuff to reach a more diverse playerbase. excited for the new map, cant wait to see whats in store
        May 4, 2019
    6. Goazart
      Fuck birds
      1. ralseifluffyboi likes this.
      2. Sayori
        May 3, 2019
      3. ralseifluffyboi
        do you really think birds are real ? or is this a test ?
        May 3, 2019
      4. RazotayX
        F ducks??
        May 5, 2019
    7. Goazart
      The build event post will come tomorrow :)
    8. Goazart
      map 17 finna hit different
    9. Goazart
    10. OmegaLul
      Hey Jamm i have a problem . I forgot the password of my account : Linda . Can i have a password reset ?
    11. Goazart
      Hi, what is your username?
    12. Goazart
      It was time for a change. Bye cc.
      1. iToastyToast
        lol jamm
        Apr 1, 2019
      2. giga_08
        Aprils fools
        Apr 1, 2019
    13. Goazart
      How many friends have you made through cc?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. bLueee
        omg yas
        Mar 29, 2019
      3. Goazart
        yall cringey asf i swear
        Mar 29, 2019
      4. gaenotch21
        Cheating on me i see
        How it is
        Apr 3, 2019
    14. Goazart
      yoo that's lit sounds like some runescape music
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    15. Goazart
      Survival - do you guys want your own forum theme so you don't have to look at the invasion artwork?
      1. Vyoxa
        That would be lovely, this would give survival a little more diversity from invasion as an independent game-mode.
        Mar 17, 2019
    16. Goazart
      big lit 4.6
      1. Vyoxa likes this.
    17. Goazart
      Staff list updated on member page
    18. Goazart
      The next map isn't near ready at all, so the ftop will be done and given out before the map officially ends. It will stay open though.
      1. RazotayX and bLueee like this.
    19. Goazart
      An update on the status of Invasion will be done asap. It will have some news and the spawner lock date and ftop calc date.
      1. bLueee likes this.
    20. Goazart
      4.6 post is coming today
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    Feb 11, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Hello, I'm the owner and founder of Conspiracy! I started this server in January of 2013 when I was 18 with a few buddies that didn't have Minecraft, so it started out cracked and has been ever since.

    We decided to make our own server because the owner of the server we came from didn't really do much and I thought that the players deserved better.

    My main goal when making a server was to create a better platform for people to make friends and enjoy this game we all love so much.

    My current goal is pretty much the same, but with a new and more ambitious trajectory. Popular Minecraft servers have been taking advantage of players for years without giving them much in return other than cool content. I want to be more than that. I want to give people a more balanced and fair experience, while still remaining profitable enough to stay in business and grow. For 2018 I plan on creating one of the most unique faction servers in the world and reaching heights we have never seen before. After that, I want to give back to the world through charities of the communitiy's choice. You guys help me out big time, and I would love nothing more than to give back to the world or a player in need.

    It took serveral years of work to get to the point we are at right now. Back when I was 18 I never really thought that I would be quitting my job 3 years later to pursue Minecraft.

    Before I was able to quit my job working in construction, I was tired. I was tired of doing the same thing every day, waking up and working for someone else- it just wasn't for me. I was severely depressed back in those days since I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but because of Minecraft, I am here typing this. This game pretty much saved my life. I was going down a dark path with no purpose, and it took finding my way to provide value to the world before the trajectory of my future was forever changed. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you for making this all possible.

    You literally saved my life.