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ExtraLife's Winter Build Submission

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by ExtraaLifee, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. ExtraaLifee

    ExtraaLifee Fresh Spawn


    Build name: Christmas in Ruins

    Location: -4948/155/2636

    Story/Poem: In a different universe, a once thriving empire, harnessed magic from nature and were able to have the ability of levitation, the leaders of the empire became very fond of the magic and continued to use it recklessly, they were ignorant of its destructive capability, finally a time came where there was too much of the magic and generated a shock wave that destroyed the city and the people in it, a few years later the ruins still remain and people from afar come to visit the ruins and celebrate Christmas within it.
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  2. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    That looks amazing!
  3. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    Constructively you've already built something similar to this but that does not change how appealing it is. Good luck

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