DIMISS10-Xmetu Winter Build Event

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    sername: DIMISS10 & Xmetu

    Build name: Santa's Factory

    Location: X 4532.791 Y 64.00000 Z 10545.682
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It's Christmas Eve. Santa and his elves are preparing presents for children around the world. At the north pole, where the factory is located, they even make gifts for eachother. There is a giant decorated Christmas tree with a star shining on top of it. They're all enjoying the day before Christmas. Having cleaned the factory, planted more trees near the giant Christmas tree, the team feels exhausted, but happy. They even made gifts for visitors hidden all around the area! (tpa to metu/dimi) Santa is sitting & holding a gift that has his name on it, looking at it, wondering what it is. Usually he makes the gifts for everyone and doesn't keep any. Now someone has made him a gift as well. He's excited as well. Who knows what kind of presents is everyone gonna be recieving this night.

    Merry Christmas CC..


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