Rahat_Elric's Halloween Build "Witch's Isle"

Discussion in 'General' started by Rahat_Elric, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Username: Rahat_Elric
    Build name:
    Witch's Isle

    Location: End Dimension x100 y2 z0 (Visible From End Main Island)

    How To Go There: If any player wants to visit this place use any endportal available to you. /warp murica has one! :) . When you tp to the end drop down below, I have made an one block wide safe place with water to fall down. (Don't jump too far)

    *I have tried to make everything safe, still it's highly recommended to leave your stuff before going there*

    Why build at the end?

    • It wasn't easy to build at the end without fly and god, but i thought it will look best there in the dark, in the void and free music service :D

    How did it get near main end island?

    • I dunno :eek:, must be the work of a witch :rolleyes:
    What else?
    • There aren't much decorations for the interior because it's full of simple puzzles and mini games for everyone to enjoy. First one to finish it will be able to buy a rare key for 1 coin :p . Good luck! ;)





    WItch's Isle has floated in
    no one know's where she has been,
    void at the end
    where no time to spend,
    everyone trembles in fear
    while Steve arrived with his sphere,

    to study the history
    and unveil the mystery,
    searching for the treasure that lies
    in this game of demise,
    witch has words of lie
    don't follow her or you will die.

    "sorry for poor engrish"
    "special thanx to flsxkwonyuri90 and danisaacs for providing me mats and gears"
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  2. Rahat_Elric

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    oopsie lol didnt finish writing it XD finally fixed it XD
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  3. Rahat_Elric

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    i posted half of it by mistake ahaha lost net half way of doing it and all gone XD next i posted as reply by mistake .... then edited again XD
  4. cp12cwp

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  5. Rahat_Elric

    Rahat_Elric Member

    thanx :D
  6. "weeee"
    Rahat_Elric fell to the void.
    +1 brother, very good as usual
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  7. Rahat_Elric

    Rahat_Elric Member

    thanx XD died less than i expected, had to use iron tools and stuff
  8. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    It's not a poorly lit house. +1
  9. Rahat_Elric

    Rahat_Elric Member

    thank you :D you are about to go blind if u go inside . almost zero lighting.. for the puzzle, so things aren't easy to see
  10. Ziyadk

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    +10000000000000 good luck :D it looks great time to see xD if i can buy that key
  11. Rahat_Elric

    Rahat_Elric Member

    thanx XD blame cluster for no key XD
  12. xtend123

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    =+1 xd.

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