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    Greetings Survivalists!


    The time has come for Map 4, as you all know. We have been working on it for the past month and are very pleased with how it's turned out. I look forward to this being a very successful map of Survival where everyone can have a fresh start, and a new beginning. If you saw my thread where I talked about Map 3, you should have a good idea of the direction we want to head for Map 4. We want to create the best atmosphere and experience possible to enjoy the game we love. That was always my goal ever since the first day I started this server; however- it's not an easy one to uphold. It requires constant dedication and diligence to keep a high quality playerbase, like yourselves, but that is our goal :)

    If you have been around in the past two months, you will know that we're down a few staff members on Survival due to some drama. I can assure you that the problems are worked out now with our remaining staff and we can only go up from here. If you've thought of being staff on Survival before, now is a great time to go for it, if you meet the requirements. There is some more good news though, @LordKonKon is going to be active again on Surv after a long time being on Facs! Welcome back ;)

    all dem feelz

    We're here to talk about the good stuff, not the bad stuff..


    Yes, that's the spawn. It's our biggest and best one yet for any Survival map. Trump is right tbh.

    So what's new, Jamm? Did you get us all hyped up for a spawn? No fam, not at all.

    Map 4 Features

    I'm happy with the amount we've gotten done with new content. More is to come, but this is more than enough to get started on a good leg.

    - Quests -

    You guys have been wanting these for so long, so we decided now would be the perfect time to implement them. There are 200+ quests for you to complete, ranging from easy to very difficult. They provide a great way to make money, as almost all of the quests can be done over and over again after a specified cooldown time for each one. You will be able to access the quest menu with /quest.

    - Daily Rewards -

    Every 24 hours, you will be able to use /reward to claim a random reward. Pretty simple, but cool regardless.

    - Fishing Contests -

    Every 2 hours, a fishing contest will start. After the event starts, special fish can be caught. At the end of the event, the person who caught the biggest fish wins. All of the fish you catch can be sold with /fish shop for a decent price. These fish can only be caught while the event is running. This is my personal favorite of the new additions.

    - Chat Reactions -

    We decided to reward those players who are attentive to the chat. This is also quite fun, especially if you can type fast. Every few minutes a message will appear and when you hover your mouse over it, it will tell you a random thing to type. The first person to type it wins and gets a reward- simple!

    - Frequent Events -

    Events are very important for a community like this. We will be holding monthly build events with various themes, and also smaller events like scavenger hunts with clues hidden in the hub or spawn. I'm hype for this!

    - Furniture & Props -

    Yes, real furniture and props that can be interacted with! I'm not one to add a bunch of fluff plugins that make the server feel clunky or cheap, but this plugin fits in so well. Furniture will be obtainable from various crates!


    - Duels -

    Since PvP is semi-in-demand on Survival, we decided to add several duel arenas with pre-made kits for you guys to duke it out in. Losing your items in /warp pvp just because you want to fight- no longer an issue :)

    - The Alpine Realm -

    Yes, I've saved the best for last. The Alpine Realm is something we've been wanting to add for quite a while now, but we figured it would be best to wait until Map 4. The Alpine Realm is a fully custom generated world with 25 completely new biomes. To get there, you must be either Rank [V] or [Architect]. We thought having this world would be a great incentive to grind, and we made the requirements high to keep the world somewhat clean and preserved. It wouldn't be the same if everyone could visit this world. It wouldn't be special, then, and it would be nasty and griefed after 2 months. The prize is there for those who work for it :)

    Notable Changes

    - Shops -

    We aren't going to go all crazy on shop regulations like I was talking about in my other thread. There will be a shop sign limit, however. I think it's a good way to give each shop it's own niche of players it caters to.. I posted a poll in #polls under the Survival category in discord. Go vote on it if this concerns you. We will be raising the price for Shop Licenses and making one license come with everything, so there's no confusion with tags, warps and what not.

    - McMMO -

    There are no more double xp vouchers or any double xp triggers in the crates. Having double xp activated more often than not was a major buzz kill in my opinion, and it made grinding too easy.

    - Rules -

    The only rule changes this map are going to be relating to things that are harsh on our cpu, which is not old our outdated by the way. It's top of the line on the market and yet it still has issues due to 1.12 just not being that optimized for server use.. Even with the 25 hopper limit per-chunk on map 3, they still caused lots of lag. We will be more strict on excessive tiles and entities in bases, for example dani's villager farm that had around 100 villagers and all of them were in minecarts. That's just too many resources being used on one person and it causes lag for everyone else. I understand that building mega farms and such is part of what's fun, but we need to have some limits.

    • No more than 25 hoppers in a loaded area around a player (4x4 chunks)
    • No more than 50 non-stacked mobs in a loaded area around a player (4x4 chunks)
    These rules are not set in stone. If you guys desperately need more than this, we can work something out.

    - Bosses -

    As per popular demand, bosses will no longer be spawnable in /warp pvp. We're also nerfing the loot for bosses since it's the start of the map, and let's be honest: last map's bosses were not that hard with a team and they gave really OP loot. No more of that.

    - Nether -

    Since 1.9 or 1.10 (I forget), the nether has to have a 1:8 ratio border to the overworld, or there are portal issues and mishaps. That's why the nether border only goes 1,250 blocks in each direction when the overworld border is at 10,000. That's incredibly small, and there are not enough resources there to last a long time. The poll for nether being reset frequently is still in the air. Go vote on it if you do or don't want it.

    - End -

    There were no complaints for the end being reset frequently, so we will be doing that! The only downside is that there will no longer be a fancy end island, unless the poll changes, we will be resetting the end ever so often.

    - OP Items -

    I blame the boss loot/keys for the armor/weapon economy getting out of hand like it did this map. I'd like to keep the OP items either very rare or non-existent.

    - Achievements -

    A lot of the achievement names have been redone, just because getting the same achievements again would feel a little meh. We did remove the rewards from them, though. We also removed the beacon achievement altogether, because I think it was one of the reasons beacons were worthless on map 3. On the bright side, achievements gotten will display to everyone like they were intended to in the beginning!

    Bug Fixes

    Most maps have their share of bugs. Map three had two really annoying ones that will no longer be an issue.

    - Sync Touch -

    Ah, Sync Touch. I hated it! It was a neat addition but it has too many issues and quirks that make it undesirable for us to keep around.

    - Voucher/Rank Glitches -

    Those rank glitches where players buy a rank and have it taken shortly after are such a huge pain. It's all caused by those temporary ranks and permissions we give out with vouchers. We are removing all of the temporary vouchers such as fly vouchers and rank vouchers from the crates. To make up for this we might wind up replacing them with permanent vouchers that are much more rare.


    I hope you all are happy with what we have been working on. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them below. We want to hear any and all feedback, good or bad. I might be updating this thread here and there as polls finish up. Map 3 will be closing Friday night at 1 am est, so be sure you've finished all of your baltop affairs before then (remember /baltop does not update instantly, so don't wait until the last second to pay someone). I'll be on Survival Friday evening to talk about map 4 and such, might get on discord voice chat as well. I hope to see y'all soon!

    Release Date

    Saturday, March 31st - 3 p.m. EST

    Countdown with us!


    >> <<
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    EXcited for survival map 4 looking forward for it
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  4. imasasa

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    are printers allowed btw ?
  5. LordKonKon

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    Rip Factions
  6. Osleya

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    Exciting af :p

    No, they aren't.
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    Forget about facs :p I'm 1 step away from turning away to survival :eek:
  8. YouBeCombo

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    I like factions :D
  9. YMbrothers

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    Define "few"? I don't rly care about the frequency, cuz I won't be able to get it. Yet some others do.

    Make sure you do update it, especially the typos.

    Looks like my suggestion went into your head. :) (Or is it even mine...)

    Make sure you don't add them back carelessly in Events. Items with enchantments over vanilla limits are strongly not recommended. (e.g. Prot V dm chestplate)
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    i’m playing surv map 4 with spaz xde
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    Y'all gotta stop with these ridiculously big sigs lmao
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  14. Hewittassassin29

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    This new map looks more alive than me irl, dang (AND IT EVEN ISNT OUT YET )

  15. WolfNaos

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    To be fair we didn't need @LordKonKon . I say food ridence :p. #Map4hype
  16. YMbrothers

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    We didn't need, but we will need.
  17. YouBeCombo

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    I want lord back wolf go with your egirl and play survival and maybe one day have babies.
  18. This will be fun ? ... :) ? Just kidding cant wait :D
  19. MRDD_2

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    there's nothing like a good joke.
    this map i play 193 h rank 1902 ,map 2 i play more them 600h rank 3288
    I do not see many non_donors reach rank V(5000) takes a lot of time to reach rank V(5000)not all players have 1000h to reach rank V(not all players can afk on mcmmo grinders to reach rank V)
    map 2 was just superomega and 2 or 3 more reach rank V(5000),this map maybe 10 or 20 non_donors reach rank V(5000) .
    when some do /baltop says 49491 users,I think 80% are accounts that no one uses,imagine that there are 10,000 active accounts, this map maybe 10 or 20 non_donors reach rank V(5000 )
    so call it ...mmmmmmmmmm....
    »» The donor/stuff Realm««
    when a player reaches rank V he will not need anything else,he will have a base and all the items he needs,so It's the same as saying when you reach rank V you can go to nether.
    why some1 will lost 1000h to go to a realm that he don´t need when is rank V
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    There are much more things to do even after reaching Rank 5. Getting McMMO will be much harder than last map which gives us a goal to grind for a place that's beautiful and not extremely griefed by new players who don't plan on staying for the long run. You always gotta work for the good stuff, don't ya? ;) @MRDD_2
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