Top Voters: February

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  1. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    Congrats to the Top Voters of February!

    February's Rewards

    Click the spoiler to see the Top Voter rewards for February.
    1st Place - $50 Store Credit
    2nd Place - $30 Store Credit
    3rd Place - $20 Store Credit
    4th Place - $15 Store Credit
    5th Place - $10 Store Credit

    Winners: Contact Jamm on Discord or here on forums to redeem your credits.


    1st! @Relentless - 333 Votes


    2nd! @Fromgeorgian - 326 Votes


    3rd! @Thunder - 324 Votes


    4th! hhhhhhhhhhh - 305 Votes


    5th @noxco_bavarian - 349 Votes


    Thank You for participating!

    March's Rewards

    Click the spoiler to see the Top Voter rewards for February. They are staying the same :)

    1st Place - $50 of Store Credits
    2nd Place - $30 of Store Credits
    3rd Place - $20 of Store Credits
    4th Place - $15 of Store Credits
    5th Place - $10 of Store Credits
  2. noxco_bavarian

    noxco_bavarian Fresh Spawn

    Thanks ❤️❤️
  3. Hamza J

    Hamza J Fresh Spawn

    thanks and gg for all :)
  4. Relentless

    Relentless Member

    Surprised I got 1st! Couldn't even vote for 2 of the sites. Short month ;)
  5. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Gg to everyone, I made #10 :(
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  6. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    It's supposed to be "click the spoiler to see the top voter rewards for "March." Not February. :p
    Everyone makes mistakes though.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
  7. iToastyToast

    iToastyToast Active Member

    You did it my dude!! So proud of ya ^_^
  8. XxTaylorIsHerexX

    XxTaylorIsHerexX Fresh Spawn

    I just saw this on an add so whatever

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