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Do you prefer Friendly Survival over Enhanced Survival?

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  1. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    Hello Survivalists,

    It's time that we discuss some things about Survival and what direction we/you think it should head in for the betterment of the server. I'd like to go ahead and tell you my opinion on things and then you guys can tell me yours, and vote on a couple polls.

    The Community

    Over the past 6 months, a lot has changed in the Survival community. It seemingly got more loot based and competitive due to bosses and pvp. I don't think much good came out of this. Players began being toxic and holding grudges. The bosses are cool, and so are the drops, but I feel like they are part of the downfall of the community itself. Due to the saturation of the economy, we slowly added higher and higher tier armor to drops to make them worth getting. The amount of focus we put on pvp seems to not have worked in our favor, as it's driving people apart instead of together. There is a reason why most servers with pvp and lots of competition don't have a friendly community. It just doesn't work out 99% of the time. And for a gamemode like Survival, where the community is the most important factor, that is bad.

    Most people think of "Friendly Survival" when they think of our golden days. Vanilla-like Survival with a good community and some things to do on the side like Mob Arena and Minigames. The community was 10/10 in these days. There were not many fights in chat, just people enjoying the server like it was intended to be.

    The Theme

    I believe another big reason we are not attracting friendly players anymore is simply due to the vibe Survival gives off these days. The spawn we'd been using since Halloween was very dark and not welcoming at all. It was cool, but I think that it was a bad move to keep it like that for so long. Advertising as Friendly Survival back in the day just worked. The reason I thought it would be a good move to change things up to Enhanced Survival was a branding decision. ConspiracyCraft is notoriously dark and eerie, and I wanted to make Survival fit in with our brand. The problem arises because most Survival players don't like dark and eerie. There is much more demand for vanilla-like servers with a great community and positive vibes. The average Survival player doesn't care about bosses, pvp or all the extra fluff. They just want a high quality server to play on with nice people. If they join and get the impression that the server is not a friendly place, they will most likely leave. So, in short, we have been advertising & branding Survival to a market that just doesn't exist (or isn't large enough, at least).

    The Economy

    The economy is an extremely important part of any server. On Survival, once the economy crashes, there's only so much left to attain or do. Everything becomes too easy. There are a few things that cause this to happen earlier than it should, and I think the bulk of the problems lie in voting and player owned shops. Voting decreases the value of every item that is attainable from that crate, every week, 24 hours a day. That's a trade-off for exposure through voting lists we have to have, unfortunately. It's why we try to keep the vote rewards minimal at the beginning of the map. Player owned shops on the other hand make it much easier for a player to reach "end-game" status, but we don't necessarily have to have those. The shorter it takes for someone to reach their ideal "end-game", the worse it is for the server.

    It is a debate to be had on whether or not player owned shops are for the greater good of the server or not. I think it would be great to keep them around, but place more restrictions on them so they are not just a one-stop shop for all of the end-game items you need once you get some money from voting and mining. These shops also all have grinders, which basically makes it to where new players don't need to have one themselves. I think a fair trade-off here would be to raise the requirements for having a shop warp to say, Architect, limit the amount of items a shop can sell, and prevent them from having grinders and end portals.


    It is my opinion that we should go back to our roots and embrace Friendly Survival to the fullest extent in order to revive the gamemode. We have been focusing too much on things that do not really help grow our community in the past 6 months, such as loot, bosses and pvp. The community is far more important for the server's growth than being able to slay some bosses and get some loot. Please give your honest feedback on my opinions, I would love to hear it.

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  2. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    Nailed it.
  3. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    Go back to a basic friendly survival server with mcmmo and do away with the places in which create the most animosity and toxicness like pvp, bosses, and get back to the creative community feel. I have seen more people leave this server than I care to remember just because of the conflicts those things bring.

    1.Friendly Survival
    2.Focus more on MiniGames for competition.
    3.Ofcourse mcmmo
    4.Perm Architect required for shop(Shows the player is actually invested in the server)
    5.If you want pvp head to factions. No /warp pvp

    Basically bring the entire welcoming community feel back to CC.
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  4. Rally

    Rally Fresh Spawn

    Finally.. #MakeSurvivalGreatAgain
  5. Rally

    Rally Fresh Spawn

    Hmm don't think removing PvP is good idea, also perm archi to open shop.. Its not fair for some players
  6. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    Perm architect because the problem was we have so many inactive shops because people make them,get the tag and warp, and basiclly let them die. Have the requirment of perm architect shows to us and the community that they are invested in our server and not just going to make a shop just to have the tag. We have 2 shops the entire server goes to. Toyko, Murica. Why do we need 30 shops all competing at the same time. They battle over prices and keep lowering them to beat the other guy. One of the main reason's the economy tanked so fast.
  7. Rally

    Rally Fresh Spawn

    Still architect to open shop is unfair, maybe making the price higher will help.. Also it would be better if there no op enchatns like (protection V+ or sharpness VI+) and making mcmmo harder its so easy now everyone on lvl X already after that they have nothing to do
  8. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    I just think there needs to be some major changes with how shops are handled and regulated. Having a way for players to buy things is obviously important, but once it becomes too easy to buy everything you need, the very thing that makes Minecraft fun is gone. It's all about the journey, not the destination. The longer each player's journey until they have reached end-game on the server, the better.
  9. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Jr. Mod Staff Member

    Ayy, Good ideas goat god.
  10. Infamous_Turtla

    Infamous_Turtla Well-Known Member

    Survival is somewhere I go when I feel like being nice. I feed the poor homeless people on survival with dping kits. Feel sorry for the guys with dirt houses.
  11. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    Multiple new players who haven't even played for more than a week have been saying "I'm bored". After that it was expected by the old players as well and it did happen. Most quit due to the toxicity or nothing to do since everything is just so easy to get and OP items are attainable withen days. This was one of the reasons that discouraged me as a staff.

    In my opinion -
    1) /warp PVP should be removed.
    2) More Mob Arenas.
    3) Bosses should be rarer or removed.
    4) Grinders in Player shops should not be allowed.
    5) Inactive/Empty shops should be removed
    6) Rank requirement for shop owners - Architect (As Rogue said)
    7) More build competitions. (This encourages a lot of people to build also people without PayPal have the chance to get a rank for shops)
    8) Wither Skelly Spawns should be decreased.
    9) Villager trading needs to be controlled. (Books that are very hard to get are now extremely easy to get)
    10) Overall a friendly and creative survival should be encouraged.
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  12. Rally

    Rally Fresh Spawn

    True, its called survival for reason shops makes game too easy.. Which makes it so boring. Maybe if there server shop that sells only needed items that hard to get.. We won't need any other shops, ppl can sell their items by /ah or /auc so simply players shops will not be needed anymore
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  13. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Jr. Mod Staff Member

    Hey a little off topic, if any newer player is reading this right outside of spawns border me and Smokey have a free food dispenser, just step on the dispenser for baked potatoe
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  14. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    Player's shops completely being gone would not give a chance for players to show off their building skills or business skills. Player shops made and make it fun for a few people but at the moment, too many OP items being sold in them. Maybe a limitation of some sort might solve the problem.
  15. Rally

    Rally Fresh Spawn

    Well its just an idea, also there many ways to show buildings skills (events..etc) now days shops sells every single item, so it will be great to let players enjoy collecting the stuff they need by their own.. Also and about rank required for shop.. Its totally unfair.. Not everyone can get a rank u know, so even if there will be shops it must be fair and not easy. ppl make shops just to get tag then *poof* shop dies after few days, so I think removing players shops will be good idea
  16. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

    PvP encourages toxicity and hatred toward someone or a group of people.
    There's nothing "friendly" about it.
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  17. Rally

    Rally Fresh Spawn

    Well agree. But PvP is fun.. And it would be much better if there no saltiness, ppl just get mad when they die and then rage and start swearing being toxic etc.. And this is a prob
  18. _Annerose_

    _Annerose_ Member

    not everyone has the same mind set as u xD
  19. Rally

    Rally Fresh Spawn

    Well yea, but I'm thinking these ideas are useful lol
  20. Kotkot

    Kotkot Member


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