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Discussion in 'Denied' started by HunterzXP, Feb 11, 2018.


Should I be accepted?

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  3. You Suk

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  1. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    Date Joined:
    Time Played:
    Pfft how should I know if I had to guess I suppose my total is 1000+ Hours (Including afk)
    IV And Crusader And YouTuber


    Past Punishments:
    False Ban: Autoclicker and a Warning: Being Rude which I dont remember.
    Its hard to tell since almost everyone knows me in the Conspiracy Craft Factions community but I am HunterzXP/Attila144 and I am a professional noob at life. I am aged 16 almost 17 in March and I am mostly kind %1 of being a jack, but I do enjoy a bit of fun here and there and enjoy chatting with others. I always enjoy helping others in need if its like a question of something like in game then I am willing to answer anything of what does what, how does it work and what command to look into deeper of what it is.

    Because around at my timezone at like 3 - 6 pm you dont see really any staff online and thats when like hackers begin to log on and start to use KillAura, AntiKB and those other hacks that they use anyways, I also sometimes like to help the community as well if they got any questions about McMMo and how does it work, how to gain the ranks etc. I always answer them. So the main reason I wanted to join staff was the timezone and the hackers because if they can see a Helper tag then they will sometimes decide NOT to hack and as I work my way through the ranks I will be able to ban then (WORKING THROUGH THE RANKS) I could also stop people being toxic in chat, bypassing spam disrespecting other members (Talking about suicide) etc I am willing to help out the faction community and I am willing to help out the Survival Community as well, if I get staff on there too. I know at the moment Helper doesn't do much only /mute I believe but I am fine with that and I am willing to work up the ranks on Conspiracy Craft.
    Yea a little, I used to be staff on other different servers but I think I may of forgotton a few commands but I am willing to relearn them.
    When am I accepted?
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  2. Fromgeorgian

    Fromgeorgian Member

    Good Applicant and good application.
    Attila always is Nice, non-toxic,Friendly And Helpful.
    I would love him to get accepted He would be huge Help whit his timezone + He Is active.
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  3. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    Thanks Fromgeorgian <3
  4. LaithH20

    LaithH20 Member

    Hunter, in my opinion, is a great guy with a lot of potential as a helper, as he is non-toxic, friendly, and when needed, helpful. I remember when I got my warlord, he helped me with my commands (as I just bought it straight up without reading anything). The app was a fun read, though I do hope you become more active (not sure if it's my timezone, but I do see you afk more than half the time). I have watched your videos and find them very enjoyable. +1 from me. :D:D
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  5. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    Ayyy I still knew we were friends <3
  6. LaithH20

    LaithH20 Member

    Ofcourse we are, just factions has its situations:p
  7. Billynguy

    Billynguy Jesus Staff Member

    Can you possible clean it up like adding colors, fixing grammatical errors, and possible adding more detail about what exactly can you add to the table.
  8. Wyte_It

    Wyte_It Member

    Is a nice guy always calms down F chat when an argument arises, don't think he would be biased, don't know him very well but always respectful and helpful towards me

  9. Flash_The_Speedy

    Flash_The_Speedy Active Member

    I stg if i see you on another person's app I'll roast you
  10. Flash_The_Speedy

    Flash_The_Speedy Active Member

    -1 I never liked you and your shitty yt intro:)
  11. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    Jamm or flash never said anything about this when I made my last applicaion...
  12. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    I think the replys are for not being rude just saying yes or no.
  13. Havoc

    Havoc Member

    Honestly, no one cares if you dislike him or not, and his YouTube channel has nothing to do with his application. :)
  14. Wyte_It

    Wyte_It Member

    What did I do so wrong....
  15. Billynguy

    Billynguy Jesus Staff Member

    Well I just wanted your application to look more formal and standout compared to others..
  16. jaymantri

    jaymantri Piggy Gang Staff Member

    I never see you saying anything on the public chat but that could be because of the time zones. But I have known you since map 12 and you aren't toxic and you don't hack. So its a +1 from me
  17. Orange_PvP

    Orange_PvP Member

    +1 Would Replace Billy Ez
  18. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    he's ok for me..
  19. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    xD you never know.
  20. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    Ok is better then nothing!
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