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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by AlihammadSocool, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. AlihammadSocool

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    Punished by:Billynguy21


    Punishment length:perm

    1/9/2017 I Think

    Reason:Death Threats

    Why you should Unpunish me ?: Hi So basically i was getting allied on factions by bibsonline and abduila and darnkess they kept 3v1ing me when they weren't in the same fac then darkness decided to join their fac and when i told a staff member he told me their in the same fac i was pissed cause bibs was getting tossed and when i died he messaged me L so i messaged him stuff i regret Messaging him i Realized A few days later that what i did was childish so i punished myself by not playing mc for 12 hour and i promise i won't use this behavior again i hope you understand how it feels all your friends are playing on there then your left out Thanks for reading the thread !!! hope you accept my apology} you kno da wae ? xD
  2. HyperDarkness

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  3. bibsonline

    bibsonline Fresh Spawn

    LOL u wont changed
  4. Billynguy

    Billynguy Jesus Staff Member

    After talking it over with several staff members and getting their input on what I should do. We have all unanimously agreed to not unban you due to the fact at what was said, how long you came back for, and your past history. Denied.
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