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Discussion in 'Denied' started by HowToMLGYT, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    Username: HowToMLGYT
    Date Joined: 12/23/2017
    Time played: 4.6 days
    Age: 16

    MCMMO Rank: III
    Donor Rank: Guardian
    Applied Rank: Youtuber
    Position: Helper/Jr. Mod

    Time Zone: UTC-05:00Past
    Punishments: I was ban by LordBonBon for 2 weeks for X-ray but then it was reduced to 1 week and then I when I had 1 day left of my ban LordBonBon un-ban me.
    About: I am a 16 year old male who loves to play MineCraft and make YouTube videos on CC. I am a sophomore in High School and I play on my schools varsity basketball team. I have my Red Cross Life Guard certification.
    Reasons for applying: I would like to keep hackers off the server even though I was one myself. I have realized that hacking takes away the fun for other players but also me. It takes away the fun from me because I am not earning things legit which is how the game is suppose to be played to have fun. I would like to keep toxicity on the server down. Although I can be toxic at times I can keep it under control. Helping other people keep the toxicity down on the server would help the community grow and be a nicer community :).
    Past experience: I was Head Admin on a server that no longer exists it generally had 200+ people on at a time. I was also Manager of my own server but that completely failed because I didn't know how to set things up xD.
    Server: Mainly Factions because thats where I belong :).

    Comments: Add raid/pvp event to faction server for rewards.
  2. Wyte_It

    Wyte_It Member

    Recently hacked, I think you should wait a bit more because being staff member reduces the watch time of staff watching you so what doesnt stop you?

    You lied straight to me in vc about the same thing even though I said "Are you lying to me?" A staff
    Member should not lie unless it has a very special reason.

    Can be toxic at times but that doesnt matter as your not that toxic.

    You are really nice in general but u just get annoying sometimes.

    I feel like you should play longer before applying and get to know more people on Factions and Survival.

    In general I think you should wait a bit more until your "Hacker" thing goes away and dies out.

    Wait until your hacjer thing goes away and try be doing more right things than wrong, you know what I mean
  3. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    Ok thanks for your opinion :).
  4. Rezac

    Rezac Well-Known Member

    +1 Good luck boi!
  5. king123of

    king123of Member

    +1 Good luck boi!
  6. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    Ok boi xD!
  7. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    Ok boi xD!
  8. GoldZue

    GoldZue Member

    Welp, it says ‘Mature staff’ staff don’t cuss in chat **** Mature more up

    Neutral for me
  9. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    Ok dad.
  10. Wyte_It

    Wyte_It Member

    Thats what annoys me honestly
  11. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    Ok I'll stop that.
  12. BlazePhoenix05

    BlazePhoenix05 Fresh Spawn

    +1 thanks for letting me join your faction, and i think you have a lot of potential.:)
  13. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    xD thanks!
  14. JAZ_2017

    JAZ_2017 Fresh Spawn

    Hope you become staff :)
  15. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    Thanks :).
  16. i think ur rlly nice and u should get it
  17. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

  18. Havoc

    Havoc Member

    I'll try to be honest, and i'll say that, you're not ready for helper rank, you're not mature, i've seen you cuss in chat a lot of times, and you're oftenly inveolved in fights, with other players, [not pvp fights...] also, you recently used xray, so you could have "better videos". correct me if im wrong. overall -1 :oops:
  19. HowToMLGYT

    HowToMLGYT Member

    That is true but I generally try and leave arguments and such when they get started.
  20. slayer_mc1

    slayer_mc1 Member

    Other than the short ban, and short time played... i say make howtomlgyt he plays alot and is varry nice. <3
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