Top Voters: December

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  1. Goazart

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    Congrats to the Top Voters of December!

    December's Rewards

    Click the spoiler to see the Top Voter rewards for December.
    1st Place - $50 Store Credit
    2nd Place - $30 Store Credit
    3rd Place - $20 Store Credit
    4th Place - $15 Store Credit
    5th Place - $10 Store Credit

    Winners: Contact Jamm on Discord or here on forums to redeem your credits.

    1st! @Thunder - 406 Votes


    2nd! @Relentless - 383 Votes


    3rd! @vicky0802 - 340 Votes


    4th! @GiPlayN - 322


    5th @iFalse_ - 320 Votes


    Thank You for participating!

    January's Rewards

    Click the spoiler to see the Top Voter rewards for January. They are staying the same :)
    1st Place - $50 of Store Credits
    2nd Place - $30 of Store Credits
    3rd Place - $20 of Store Credits
    4th Place - $15 of Store Credits
    5th Place - $10 of Store Credits
  2. FastPottinq

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    Congrats to the winners!
  3. YouBeCombo

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  4. ThePandaLord

    ThePandaLord Active Member

    @JammTheGoat when will monthly f top rewards happen? You had a poll of that on Twitter, I hope they take place soon
  5. Relentless

    Relentless Member

    2nd place is fancy for LOSER! I failed.
  6. Thunder

    Thunder Fresh Spawn

    GG Everyone c: and relentless i was 2nd in november so umm yeah it's not for LOSER you just can't be #1 everytime c:
  7. xX_G4M3_Xx

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  8. professor_7mada

    professor_7mada Well-Known Member

    Im getting number 1 next momth to finally upgrade to warlord

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