Can admin articulate differences bt VI and VII enchantments?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by danisaacs, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    What are the damage values for Sharpness V, VI and VII, respectively?

    What are the values for Efficiency? Per the wiki, it would be V (25+1), VI (36+1), and VII (49+1). But I don't notice a ~33% delta between my VI and VII picks.

    What are the damage reduction values for Protection V, VI, VII on diamond armor?

    I could try to figure these assuming consistent scaling from default enchantment levels. But I'm not going to assume you've maintained the same scaling. :)

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  2. Kmo

    Kmo Member

  3. Vexto

    Vexto Member

    Give me prot VII, I'll test it for you ;)
  4. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    You can test everything in Singleplayer, unless you realize they are different from the server.
  5. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Thing is, there is no need to test it. There are values set in configuration files any admin can check.
  6. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

    Just the Goat, I'm afraid.
    To my knowledge, he's the only one who can view and of course, edit configs.
  7. Tron_EX

    Tron_EX Active Member

    All i could say is rage 1 on a sharp 11 is like sharp 20....
  8. danisaacs

    danisaacs Active Member

    Ah, yeah, admins would need ftp access, or access to view files from the provider portal.

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