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Imthebest54's Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Imthebest54, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    Username: (Helper application not mod sorry)
    Date Joined:
    If we're talking about forums (Today) but talking about in-game it is (probably a month ago)Reason for this is that I never bothered going on the forum since i was not interested but now I am!
    Time Played:
    20 Hours

    1010 Dominant
    Helper (Unless moderator is allowed)


    I'm 15, quite mature, have a very helpful personality.If I have to stay on the server muting/banning people for a couple hours and not playing much I'll do that I really want to help this server as its actually very very good!I can do pretty much anything you want If someone is asking for help I will help them as much as possible and will be very polite to anyone.I'm a team player and I have great English, I'm currently Practising for my GCSE exam but it wont interfere with my play time and effort.I will give everyone a chance guilty or not.
    I am applying because I would like to put my time,effort and dedication towards conspiracy,From what I have played i have realised how good of a server it is and have come back to help it.If someone is abusing their rank I'll do my work and deal with the situation.I want a decrease in hackers and dupers in factions (I haven't seen a duper in a while)and I want to get rid of those scumbags.Also, Glitchers are incredibly annoying to play with or against as they make the economy horrible and destroyed which is another reason I'm assisting my help towards this server!I have also seen some sights of racism which is quite disturbing and also want to get rid of those scumbags.I want to make this server insanely popular by contributing my ideas in staff meeting making the server hacker friendly.With my helpful personality I will help anyone that is in need.
    Yes,I do i used to be a moderator (and eventually got moved up to admin) in a potpvp server and as usual it would have loads of hackers, I would ban over 20 hackers a day and be correct most of the time.I know how to use commands (/tempban -player- -time- -reason-,/ban -player- -reason- -s, /mute -player- -reason-)I know the difference between a ghost and hacked client, I know pretty much every cheat I know how to spot cheats and can prove someones innocent and will go the further mile to prove it.I will moderate everything including people that hackusate even if its against the rules I'll spec the player and will follow their every move.I will warn someone if needed tempban mute/temp mute someone if needed I know how to do all of this.I can record proof of the cheats being used of needed for an appeal.I will go over appeals every time I get the chance and will spend my time proving guilty or innocence.

    Factions Best server ever

    What commands would I be allowed to use?I can use ts or discord (either is fine)I hope everyone gets accepted Good luck.My discord is JokerLabs#0778
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  2. BlazeRektYou

    BlazeRektYou Member

    You can't apply for mod. Gotta apply for helper. But I've never even seen you online at all.
  3. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    What on the server? I have been on for about 2 hours and i just logged off sorry I'll fix my mistake.Any feed back?
  4. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

    20 what? Seconds? Minutes? Hours?days?weeks?months?years?ages?centuries?
    Be specific :p
  5. HonestJelly

    HonestJelly Member

    20 years, obviously.

  6. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    That's quite immature but whatever sorry
  7. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    I edited and added some more information sorry guys
  8. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

    It's not wrong to joke around from time to time... If there was no harm in it.
  9. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    I Know just thought it wasn't too funny sorry
  10. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    I took that a bit too far now that I looked at it more that was quite funny whatever sorry :)
  11. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    Any feedback?
  12. TigerOpCrafter

    TigerOpCrafter Active Member

    Aha ok..
    A month and 20 hours time played only? ok, no wonder that BlazeRektYou didn't see you at all.
    And trying to apply for moderator show us the way you are thinking, that you don't know how our style is and how we work.
    The server is big enough to tell you that moderator is not a game here. It is a serious Job. That gives you responsibility when you get it. And we know that you agree with working with us when you first applied for Helper.
    We a lot of applications that were titled same way as your application and they got the same reply, so don't take this personal (cuz I don't even know you) and im not trying to hate on you, just telling you how things works!
    + You don't match the requirements, it says clearly if you did read the formats that Jamm posted, or just copied the format and started writing your application (what im pretty sure that you did, correct me if im wrong)
    • At least rank [Dominant] on Factions
    And my guy, you are still a beginner, with 128 McMMo and you joined a month ago? with 20 hours play time? (not that active, I think?)
    I mean it doesn't sound good in my mind.
    Sorry, I think I explained my point.
    Good luck but it will be -1 from me
  13. Imthebest54

    Imthebest54 Fresh Spawn

    I'm dominant rank I never updated it because I thought I was denied.I stopped playing actually for a week and something.It said on the format what are you applying for (helper,moderator) sorry for confusion

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