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    Voting Thread

    Voting helps promote our server on the server lists. You may vote on each of these sites once every day. Upon voting, you will receive a Vote Key. Visit /warp crates when you are ready to open your key(s)!


    • You must be online when you vote.
    • Your votes will only go to the server that you are currently on. Keep this in mind if you want to save votes for our other servers.
    Vote Links
    3. ServerPact (12 hr. cooldown)
    4. MC-Index
    5. MCList
    6. TopMCServers
    7. MCF
    Top Voters

    Want a chance to get a temporary Donor Rank? If so, you may want to compete for the Top Vote Reward. Every month, the top 5 voters are rewarded with Conspiracy Keys! Use /votetop to see who the current top voters are.


    Click the spoiler to see the Top Voter rewards. You may only redeem your prize on one server. Also, see the /rewards command in-game.
    1st Place - 3 Conspiracy Keys
    2nd Place - 2 Conspiracy Keys
    3rd Place - 1 Conspiracy Key
    4th Place - 1 Conspiracy Key
    5th Place - 1 Conspiracy Key

    Premium Keys

    Not having any luck with Vote Keys? You might want to try our Premium Keys. You can get these from our server shop here. These contain better loot than vote crates, and also support the server!


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Discussion in 'Vote' started by JammTheGoat, May 17, 2015.

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