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TheRealSamurai's (Helper Application)

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Atom, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Atom

    Atom Active Member


    Date Joined:
    June 2016.

    Time Played:
    9 hours 10 mins.


    McMMO (III) , [=Knight=]


    GMT +5

    My name is Samurai and I am from Pakistan. I am currently doing my Pre. Eng in architecture as that is something I want to do in the future to have a stable and comfortable life ahead. Apart from my studies I have many other hobbies which I like to do including drawing, video editing, graphics designing, cooking, photography etc. ( basically all the creative things ). I also like to hangout with my friends whenever I get the time. I have been playing on conspiracy craft for a year and a half now and I will admit, I wasn't the best player on the server back in map 2 but I think I have changed myself after the map 3 release which is something I am proud of. I saw myself being calm about things rather than going all out on it, I saw myself helping people, I saw myself being a guidance for the new players and that was something which really made me feel happy.

    You see I like guiding and helping new players or report players who try to ruin a good community like conspiracy craft. I am more than proud that I am helping the server as a Builder. And it is not just giving you good builds but also making me happy that it is being used by you guys. Now I will not take credit for the builds as I did not make them alone ( I had my other build friends as well ). But at the end of the day it is all about having fun with each other and making new friends.

    I think I have learned many experience in the last 2 months. :)


    As I always say, it doesn't matter if this gets denied or not. What really matters is how you are with people on the server because that is the only way a person can earn himself TRUE RESPECT.
    I have truly had an amazing time on this server ! :D

    Thank You !

    *Samu Out*
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  2. TigerOpCrafter

    TigerOpCrafter Active Member

    Well, obviously this application is good, enough details and an amazing explanation.
    totally read every single line. +1
    Good luck, ma dood!
  3. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    Good Luck! :D
  4. dumblidor

    dumblidor Member

    Good luck mate :p
  5. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    Best of luck son!

    -Your dad
  6. Atom

    Atom Active Member

    Thank you all ❤
    Means a lot :)
  7. Atom

    Atom Active Member

    No you're my son
    Thanks zNut haha

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
  8. Dark_fall

    Dark_fall Fresh Spawn

    Great app
    You got my suport
    Good luck
  9. Atom

    Atom Active Member

    Thank you dark !
    You've always been here for me :D
    Means a lot
  10. Capzile

    Capzile Well-Known Member

    I'm from Factions, but you're a really cool and nice guy, I hope you get the job, Good luck my boi!
  11. ItsMal

    ItsMal Active Member

    Mal likes it.
    Mal approves.
    Mal wishes good luck to penxuin!
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  12. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

    Mal is a weirdo
    Mike says mal sukz
    Mike also says Good luck Samu
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  13. ItsMal

    ItsMal Active Member

    Stop following me
  14. RedVenomFlash

    RedVenomFlash Fresh Spawn

  15. RedVenomFlash

    RedVenomFlash Fresh Spawn

    Good luck TheRealSamurai!, I hope you get the helper application ^^ and i am 100% sure!!! <3
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  16. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

    Look behind you.

    Okkk enough with dis, there is nothing to see just two kids fighting, move on people.why are u still here? I said MOVE ON.
    Again good luck Samu
  17. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    Good luck Sam. I know you would be a great addition over there. GG my bud. Good luck.
  18. Darkfeenex

    Darkfeenex Member

    Nice application :)
    It would also be good if we had a helper for Bedwars as staff barely goes on bedwars
  19. Atom

    Atom Active Member

    Ayyyy Thanks ma dood
    Love the feedback ! :D
  20. Atom

    Atom Active Member

    Penxuinnnnn appreciates the feedback ❤

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