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RogueGiant1's trusted application.

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by RogueGiant1, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member


    Date Joined:
    June 11th 2017

    Time Played:
    On this server I have just under 10 days playtime. 200 Hours?

    36 Yes I know I'm old as my kids and wife will verify.

    Perm Builder with Architect voucher at the moment. Considering purchasing perm warlord.

    Trusted...If I could I would like to become Helper.

    Central Standard UTC -06:00

    I am currently sitting at home do to a major back injury(Getting old Sucks). I have been into gaming since gaming was invented yes I had an Atari 2600 and an old Commodore. Lets see who remembers that. I have been mostly playing ARMA and DAYZ for the last few years but just got tired of the pure KOS play lately. I am a stay at home father of 3 wonderful kids.(Who all play on this server BTW) so I have plenty of time to log on and participate in server workings and just plain helping people. I'm an ASE Mater Technician so if you ever need your car worked on I got ya. I'm not rich but I like to help the server out as much as I can. If I could donate directly to Jamm I would probably do that also. I have a degree in computer science and networking from the University of Houston so I'm pretty good around computers lol.

    I'm applying because I am always on. I usually log on a 6 am my time and do not get off until 10 pm my time. I have noticed through out the day there are certain hours when other staff are not always online. I've helped everyone I have ever met on this server and will continue to do that even if I am accepted or not. This is the first server I have ever let my children join on the sole fact that it is well maintained and policed. There's been times when I have been asked to help someone and I just wished I could do more. I'm asking for that opportunity now.

    I will be honest and say I'm not the most experienced mine craft player but I can hold my own. I was Admin for CCG Gaming on 9 ARMA 2 and 3 servers and all of their TS3 servers for awhile. I have created and ran my own Spigot servers for years so my children had a safe place to play. I am very computer literate and can solve my own problems. With it being either coding a server or building a top of the line pc.


    I will be a mature unbiased person when it comes to server rules and actions. I have no affiliations to anyone on the server and get along with everyone I have ever spoke to. Yes my wife, daughter and son all play on this server. So I WILL do my best to keep chat clean and family friendly. My wife has a Perm rank and I will also be buying both of my kids Perm ranks also. Thank you to @JammTheGoat for putting up one of the best servers I've seen. And on a side note....When I first joined @JackHMMR helped me when he didn't have to. I want to repay the favor. Thank you for looking at this application. Never done one so I hope this is good enough.

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  2. Ares30

    Ares30 Active Member

  3. Brosky

    Brosky Active Member

    +1 sir! I hope you'll get accepted. You'll always have my supports. -Thanks
  4. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

    +1 From me!

    Most of the times when i come online Rogue is there, so i can tell he's quite active.
    I've seen him helping quite alot and helping people when he can.

    Keep it up!

    ps. Great application!
  5. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    Biggest +1

    Best of luck! :p
  6. gucci

    gucci Member

    sorry slightly personal question here (more-so do-to curiosity rather than any sort of doubt):
    how do you play so much if you're 36..? don't you have a job of some sort? or is your work seasonal like a teacher, etc.?

    edit: +1 btw
  7. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    @gucci I hurt my back and am unable to work ATM. I stay at home with my kids for the time being.
  8. Rezac

    Rezac Well-Known Member

  9. JackHMMR

    JackHMMR Active Member

    Glad to see you wanting to help out because of that.

    Active and mature member, seems like a good addition to the team. I do have one question for you, your reason for your activity at the moment is because you are recovering as you said, how and how quick will this change in the future? Should we expect you to become less active in 1 month? 6 months? Well I think you understand what I'm trying to get at.

    Nonetheless, +1 from me.
  10. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    @JackHMMR When I decided to join this server it was permanent. I own a Mechanic shop down here in Houston,Tx SO I make my own hours.lol I will always be here. WHen my back heals(They say 3 months) I will always be on here in the evenings. 6 pm my time till 10 pm my time. I understand the question and it was a good one.
  11. Speedy

    Speedy Active Member

    That's so cool that your family plays with you +10000000
  12. gucci

    gucci Member

    you sound like a cool dad
    +2 for that
  13. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    Hey @Flash_The_Speedy do you remember the first day I joined? Got lost in that damn sewer underneath Hub lol. God that sucked. You tried your best to get me out before I tped to you.
  14. Speedy

    Speedy Active Member

    Yes I do lol nice to meet you again hope you get accepted
  15. RogueGiant1

    RogueGiant1 Active Member

    Thank you for all of the support guys. I really appreciate it. ;)
  16. BlueFray

    BlueFray Active Member

    Great application!

    I look forward to the day you get the rank :)
    You definitely have all the qualities we need in a staff member, and have proven it very well.

    Good luck! +1
  17. Areez

    Areez Member

    +1 Good Luck. Hope you'll be a helper someday. :)
  18. KoolClan

    KoolClan Moderator

    Remember me from discord? :) +1
  19. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

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