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A New Beginning

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, May 17, 2015.

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  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hi guys,

    I've spent a lot of time getting this new website setup in hopes to make communicating with each other a more pleasant experience. But what's the point of a website for a game server? Well, a place for the community to come together and discuss their opinions, suggestions, or just to talk to one another, is very important to me. It creates a whole new experience, and helps continue development of the server and friendships. There's a lot more to Minecraft than just a game, or servers.. It's an experience. A way to bring people together.. That's the purpose of this website, and I hope we make great use of it!
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  2. I'm the first one here =D
  3. RetardedGoatV2

    RetardedGoatV2 Active Member

    The feels right now...
  4. chaoticraft

    chaoticraft Well-Known Member

  5. ClassyFox

    ClassyFox Active Member

  6. Me better don't use forums too much
  7. I will talk rubbish...
    Idk if I am allowed to give suggestions..
  8. DoomKnight

    DoomKnight Active Member

  9. Frodman

    Frodman Member

    I love you Jam, marry me Jam!
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  10. xLsGRules

    xLsGRules Well-Known Member


    jam is just for me.
  11. Frodman

    Frodman Member

    U got nothin' m8. Nothin'
  12. TheLegacy3

    TheLegacy3 Member

    Why is this thread still active?
  13. BlueFray

    BlueFray Active Member

    You are with Sami, and you will stay faithful to him >.>

  14. Frodman

    Frodman Member

    U got problems m8?
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