A New Beginning

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Goazart, May 17, 2015.

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  1. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    Hi guys,

    I've spent a lot of time getting this new website setup in hopes to make communicating with each other a more pleasant experience. But what's the point of a website for a game server? Well, a place for the community to come together and discuss their opinions, suggestions, or just to talk to one another, is very important to me. It creates a whole new experience, and helps continue development of the server and friendships. There's a lot more to Minecraft than just a game, or servers.. It's an experience. A way to bring people together.. That's the purpose of this website, and I hope we make great use of it!
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  2. I'm the first one here =D
  3. RetardedGoatV2

    RetardedGoatV2 Active Member

    The feels right now...
  4. chaoticraft

    chaoticraft Well-Known Member

  5. ClassyFox

    ClassyFox Active Member

  6. Me better don't use forums too much
  7. I will talk rubbish...
    Idk if I am allowed to give suggestions..
  8. DoomKnight

    DoomKnight Active Member

  9. Frodman

    Frodman Member

    I love you Jam, marry me Jam!
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  10. xLsGRules

    xLsGRules Well-Known Member


    jam is just for me.
  11. Frodman

    Frodman Member

    U got nothin' m8. Nothin'
  12. TheLegacy3

    TheLegacy3 Member

    Why is this thread still active?
  13. BlueFray

    BlueFray Mod Staff Member

    You are with Sami, and you will stay faithful to him >.>

  14. Frodman

    Frodman Member

    U got problems m8?
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