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ThisThomas' Trusted Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by ThisThomas, May 29, 2017.

  1. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

    ThisThomas (Same on Minecraft as on here).
    Date Joined:
    Around 20 may.
    Time Played:
    19 hours.
    13 Years Old.
    Rank II on survival and None on factions or n'any donor rank.
    I'd like to become Trusted.
    I am in GMT+1.
    About: Internet
    Well im Thomas From the Netherlands and i like gaming and Sports (Not a Football Sports fan). For games i play things like Minecraft and Ark survival and more. on Minecraft i do This survival and minigames with friends. of course i play here with friends (Brainbreker Yoloroel289).
    About:In real life
    At the moment i am in my second year of middle school and live in a small village 15 km (9-10 mp) from my school i cycle everyday to school. i have a dog. like i said previously i like sports and not only football i ofcourse do play football but i also do things like bootcamp
    And i am (more of a i think) im pretty good at things like
    Gymnastics and stuff.

    I would like to help the server by helping new players to find the needed things and get them started on the server with the ranks claims etc.
    I've been a Moderator on a 70 Max Server and a builder on a small 25-30 Server ( there have been some more servers but these are the top notch servers).
    I only play survival so i guess Survival.
    I think im fine at this part xD.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2017
  2. TheJavaNoob

    TheJavaNoob Fresh Spawn

    Bahahahaha You tried very hard to write this application. (in simple words 0% effort)
  3. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

    okih glad you liked it xD! wahahahah
  4. TheJavaNoob

    TheJavaNoob Fresh Spawn

    It's kinda cool application hahaha :p
  5. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

    Thank you!;)
  6. _DinoCats_

    _DinoCats_ Active Member

    Beef up the application more giving more detail in aspects of the application such as 'Reasons' and 'About' section. Best of Luck.
  7. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

    I've made some changes hope its better now!
  8. ItsMal

    ItsMal Active Member

  9. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    How did you fix it if :
    You legit spelled "Minecraft" like: Minecfraft???
    You need to be III or more to have the rank.
    You said nothing much about yourself, just your friends and Minecraft. Maybe specialize on your
    REAL life instead of your internet life?

    The "About" and "Reason" section need to be more detailed+expanded. No one is going to want to accept your application if you don't explain the application with atmosphere. You need to use your soul! (note, I have been trying super hard to do that) So get out there are stop flinging down whatever you can.

  10. HonestJelly

    HonestJelly Member

    Man, leave him alone. This is an average application, but you need to stop being so negative.

    The only feedback you seem to have is criticism. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "specialize on your REAL life instead of your internet life" because unless I'm terribly mistaken this is the internet. Not to be mean, but nobody really cares what type of ice cream he likes most, we are actually interested what he has done with other servers, and what we could expect of him as Trusted.

    Also though, @ThisThomas I understand english is your second language, but try and run things through a grammar engine or something first.

  11. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

    why not?
  12. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

    Im sorry wrote this when it was really late for me so i could have messed some things up, but i hope its better now
  13. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

    well hello?
  14. _DinoCats_

    _DinoCats_ Active Member

    Have some patence. Staff won't accept or decline straight up. It may take a few weeks. But you are bound to get an answer. Staff may just be deciding on it.
  15. Capzile

    Capzile Well-Known Member

    im back
  16. _DinoCats_

    _DinoCats_ Active Member

    WB ^_^ Glad to play with you again.
  17. ThisThomas

    ThisThomas Fresh Spawn

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