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Gigon's ban appeal.

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by giga_08, May 29, 2017.

  1. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Username: Giga_08

    Punished by: Flash_jordan_

    Punishment type: 2 weeks ban

    Date Punished: 2017-05-29

    Reason: Racism [ Said the "N" word with er in ally chat ]

    Plea: okay so first of all im so sorry, i didnt mean to offend anyone also i was talking in ally chat not in public chat, pretty sure staff once said cussing/swearing is allowed as long as its not in public chat... maybe im wrong, @Flash_Jordan_ im so sorry i know this was my second chance but, please man i dont deserve this.
  2. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I've said before that Faction chat is okay, but not ally chat. Ally chat is slightly better, but if you are allied with a Staff Member, you are asking for it.
  3. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Well jamm i didnt know if flash was online, im so sorry for what i said, everyone knows that i didnt mean it to offend anyone .-. also thanks for telling me that, thought it was allowed in ally chat aswell since wilson and many others were doing it and no one was getting offended...
  4. JackRed

    JackRed Member

    haha,who's the L now,lmaoooooo,everyone spam L,for giga
  5. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

  6. JackRed

    JackRed Member

    says the guy who got banned for being racist,lmao
  7. Ender_AB

    Ender_AB Administrator

    Life on this server would be so much easier if people just stopped calling eachother '******'.

    Instead they end up debating wether it's okay to say it in a semi-public chat or not.
    Just don't use it anywhere. It's easier. Never any trouble for it if you never say it.
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  8. iToastyToast

    iToastyToast Active Member

    I agree with this part.
  9. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't cussing someone =P i was being happy cause my allies capped a chaos koth and i said that N word.
  10. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Jack, leave this thread, i dont want you to be here.
  11. zBlueHitZz

    zBlueHitZz Member

  12. _DinoCats_

    _DinoCats_ Active Member

  13. M4ZD777

    M4ZD777 Member

    Unlucky giga
  14. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

  15. JackRed

    JackRed Member

  16. M4ZD777

    M4ZD777 Member

  17. Rezac

    Rezac Well-Known Member

    Rip giga raid
  18. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    L kiddo XD ahahahaha
  19. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member


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