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Ahmedali (trusted rank) Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Ahmed ali, May 26, 2017.

  1. Ahmed ali

    Ahmed ali Member


    Im Sorry but i cant remember

    Time played:
    14 days and some hours total time PLAYED as im old in this server but i was not making progress bcz school was near and i was getting ready and i think that the time was rest tho but its in that limit 10D-14D


    survival rank [III]

    Hopefully i get accepted as (trusted member)

    Time zone:

    my name is Ahmed ali im from egypt And im still in school im i third preparatory play games on my free time and im always free now only play minecraft on my pc and im Available and Online on this server
    this is a Great server that i enjoy playing on it And i see that it deserves to grow more and more... And i hope i can help it grow more to a bigger server that got more players and more staff.

    I have been trying as much as i can help any player that ask for help but i hadn't been a staff on other servers so i may not have alot of experience but im trying my Best

    To be honest i rarely play on factions i play on survival

    please leave recommends how to improve And Be more helpful
    And thank you :3
    Last edited: May 28, 2017
  2. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    You're not online and available... but good luck.
  3. Ahmed ali

    Ahmed ali Member

    In the past i wasnt but now i open daily like 4-6 hours thanks anyway for hopping me good luck :3
  4. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    So, fix it and your typos too.
  5. Ahmed ali

    Ahmed ali Member

    Btw ivan im online on survival and it looks like you are playing on factions and a rarly open it
  6. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    Now imma unbanned :v
  7. HonestJelly

    HonestJelly Member

    I'm sorry but you have 2 pages full on the bans page.

    You have been banned for griefing by Kyle. You have been muted, kicked and warned for cussing, for spamming and for raging.

    You were kicked AND muted by Sami multiple times for trolling.

    Do you honestly think that we can trust someone like this?
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  8. Ahmed ali

    Ahmed ali Member

    Okay i wont say i didnt do that But in the ban for grierfing i honstly do not know why even in that time i had problems with my accout cuz it got hacked and i couldnt login but the mutes and kicks im not getting again i will stop and im trying alot to improve btw okay no need for trusted if u dont want to givr i can still help players with no trusted rank
  9. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

    Denied, for now.

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