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Mollstam's Trusted Application.

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by iTzMollstam, May 26, 2017.

  1. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member


    Date Joined:
    I do not know the exact date of when I joined; I do know that I joined in the factions server at Map 9-10.

    Timed Played:

    I also do not know the answer to this question, let's just say I joined at around Map 9-10 for 6-8 hours each day. I will become more active for the next few weeks - 10 hours day.


    14 (15 next Friday: 2nd June).

    Mcmmo Rank (Factions): Subjugator.
    Mcmmo Rank (Survival): III (3).
    Donor Rank (Survival): Architect.
    Donor Rank (Factions): Warlord.


    I am applying to become a Trusted member.




    Hello, I'm a 15 year old teenager who is very confident, strong at the things I choose to do. I am good at 3 things in High School: Maths, (top group) ICT (nearly top group) and playing for the High School football team. I was born in England, raised in England and still live in England this very day. I have very formal language when I choose too, (like this very moment) but I can get a bit un-formal at times on your server - I will develop my skills on trying to speak more calmly in the chat. My hobbies are football, computering, hanging out with my friends and biking. But my all-time favourite hobby, has to be computering. I live in a normal house - we have the biggest hedge on the street although when we came to the house, we don't understand how it was so big... I have loads of friends including the conspiracycraft server, I don't have any sisters, but I have two older brothers who just stay at university all the time, (LAZY).


    The reason why I am applying for this role, is because I would like to help out the community as best as I can: I will be active all the time to tell threats to our group (the people who know what they have to do.) Then the players who do not respect our community will be vanquished. Further more, I am just a affectionate, compassionate supporter of this server who has played for years trying to get as much fun out of it as possible - which I think we have all definentely achieved already, but I'd like to make it better for the newcomers of the community including players already joined.


    I have had some experience before but not that much. But I do know I know how to be a reliable, responsible and active player.


    I would like to start my adventure on the Factions server.


    I would just like to ask, if we do not have skype couldn't we just use discord?
    Thank you for reading my Trusted application.
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
  2. HonestJelly

    HonestJelly Member

    Nice application, but first try and help people out and get on more often.

    Cliché alert; You don't need a tag to help out.

    But yes I know, it makes things easier. It says you have only played 13 minutes since the reset which you should deffo improve more, and personally I haven't really seen you on.

    All in all, it's a nice application although some things need fixing or improving. Maybe get online a bit more and build up those hours, and make sure if there is someone in need you can be there to help.
  3. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    Thanks for your support, I'll take on board on what you said about being more active. You probably never see me on because of time zones by the way.
  4. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    I'm sorry lol I put the title "Helper" application when I wanted to actually do Trusted application xD
  5. Chrgama

    Chrgama Active Member


    10/10 detail
  6. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    10 hours in a day FML WHY DID I SAW THAT
  7. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    Thanks :D
  8. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

  9. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    You're toxic.. but nice application.. gl mf ;)
  10. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    I'm toxic? Explain how I'm toxic and I'll consider on even trying to believe that...
  11. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    Thanks for the remark anyways I guess.
  12. Sayril

    Sayril Active Member

    I had a hard time reading the text because of the colors maybe im blind but good luck!
  13. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    Abusing in every sentence.. raging.. and more makes you toxic as I used to be one of them
  14. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    Those sarcastic comments are not funny tbh
  15. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    Wait you think I RAGE? LOL I only get a little mad when I lose my gsets against hackers because everybody would get ticked off about that, and what the hell do you mean by "abusing in every sentence"??? I agree I'm toxic, but I'm not as far as you think I am... You're just trying to destroy my reputation of becoming a Trustee...
  16. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    They are legit just medium white and low white colors
    well the low white was like grey
    I don't understand how you cannot read that - unless you have color blindness then I would understand ;-;.
  17. iTzMollstam

    iTzMollstam Active Member

    Ivan_ who even are you in-game anyways?
  18. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    You quoted the wrong post buddy.
  19. Ivan_

    Ivan_ Member

    First, I just said the truth, if you're going to be toxic that will be bad for the community's reputation. No staff is toxic on here or was never one of em' when they first join. You're an average and fun person to play with. It might get a +1 from this side if you act a little bit more mature :3
  20. GL M8! As for toxicness.... yea i really don't know about that.. but still GL!

    Here's a sidejoke :3 (Note: dont judge me for this :V):

    Fac's is an abortion and Survival is a healthy child (Like i said.. its a joke.. so dont take it seriously :V)

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