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HonestJelly's Trusted Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by HonestJelly, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. HonestJelly

    HonestJelly Member



    Date Joined:

    21st of March 2017 (By the way I’m about a day ahead of you guys so that’s about an extra day)

    Time Played:

    23 (around about there) hours, at about 4+ hours per day.I’m a day ahead in timezones so that makes things complicated.


    I’m new as expected, but I’m Mighty on factions. =D

    I’m applying for Trusted, as I’m new. I would like to spend a lot of time here and I think if I can manage to make a positive difference I might just go on from there.

    New Zealand Standard Time

    I love to play MineCraft, I have been involved as a player and Staff on other servers, Factions, and I love to help. I’m currently attending high school and I guess I’m a bit of a nerd, but I’m not restricted by that. I’m averagely smart, and I like to get on MineCraft after school most days. I’m not huge about PvP, I’m more of a builder sort but I can vary around that if required.

    I like to help and get on good terms with everyone, and I think this is a really good way to help people out and make friends in the process. It’s great to meet people and it’s fun finding people that I already know as well.

    Well, yes. I was a Staff Member on B******* (Jamm knows which server) which has over 1 million registered accounts, but most of the time it has only about a thousand people online at one time. The reason I left there (to make things clear) was NOT because of my performance as a Staff Member (their version of Trusted) being negative at all, I can assure you it was fantastic =D

    Factions would be fantastic, really. I love factions because of the support and the communities built into the game, aka Factions. It’s a really fun server!

    I may be able to assist you guys on a number of things. I’ve noticed a lot of the time that Conspiracy and BlockDrop use similar and/or the same plugins. Even the main logo design is the same, my old server uses another one as their main one but one of their other options was this one, I remember doodling around with it. I still have friends in their Staff team, even one of their Head Staff is still quite friendly with me, and as a smaller server here we may encounter problems that they have fixes for, so I’ll always ask around to see if they have a fix for it. Apart from that, I will always try to keep the server up and running and the players happy! =D
  2. iToastyToast

    iToastyToast Active Member

    "I applied, now I'm waiting for my app to be denied" -HonestJelly
  3. HonestJelly

    HonestJelly Member

    I'm always hoping for the best xD
  4. iToastyToast

    iToastyToast Active Member

    You should.
  5. HonestJelly

    HonestJelly Member

  6. Bluebirdx

    Bluebirdx Member

    You got my vote

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