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    Do you believe you were wrongfully punished, or would you like another chance? You can post a thread here for a chance to get unbanned or a shortened punishment.

    Thread Title: {IGN} Appeal

    Username: (your username)

    Punished by: (staff member you were punished by. use n/a if you don't know)

    Date punished: (mm/dd/yy)

    Punishment type: (ban/mute)

    Punishment length: (d/h/m)

    Reason: (why were you punished)

    Plea: (why should we un-punish you)


    We urge you to be honest and truthful. Please do not lie or bend the truth in the hope that it will get your ban reduced or removed. Please do not instigate an argument or start disrespecting the players who only participated in your appeal to express their views, especially if you're in the wrong or have been proven wrong by a member of the staff team. In fact, doing any of the aforementioned things will get your appeal rejected and perhaps even get your punishment's duration doubled!
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