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Skelatho's Helper Application.

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Skelatho, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn


    Date Joined:
    Around april 2016, had to take a break due to health issues, back now since 1,5 month.

    Time Played:
    Dont know the exact amount, around 250 hours total, if not more.

    24 (July 2nd)

    McMMO: [IV]
    Donor: Architect

    I would like to apply for [Helper] in survival.

    My name is Kilian, 24 years old, living on my own in a nice rainy country called The Netherlands.
    I love gaming in general, with MC being the one i spend most of my time with. When i'm not gaming i'm either Working (butcher) or Studying (business economics).

    I'm applying to be a Helper because i love our community and want to be able to help better and in more ways then i'm already doing. People are also more likely to take the advice of someone from staff (atleast that is what i noticed). Thought about it for a while because it takes alot of time, but i'm of the opinion that it is worth it.

    No experience at all, but i'm a quick learning. Already learned alot thanks to some of the existing Staff.


    If you have any questions just let me know!
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  2. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

    +1 from me
    All the very best, mate!
  3. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

    Thanks mate! Really appreciate it!
  4. magicmikexxl

    magicmikexxl Well-Known Member

    Good luck, +1 for this app you are a nice person and you help alot IG =P
  5. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

    Thanks for the support!
  6. Ender_AB

    Ender_AB Administrator

    Now here is somebody that has been doing what we are looking for in a helper. He has been acting like a helper without actually having the rank (or asking for it) for weeks now. Was helpful before the break too.

    Welcoming everybody. Answering questions (and not just answering just for the sake of answering, but providing some quality content).

  7. LordKonKon

    LordKonKon Moderator Staff Member

    Gets the Lords Seal of Approval.
    *Import Custom image here*
  8. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

  9. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

    No image? bit dissapointed tbh xD
  10. BlueFray

    BlueFray Active Member


    Definitely staff quality! Good luck Skela :D
  11. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

    Thanks alot!
  12. yxes_mi

    yxes_mi Member

    Met you the other day and you're active as from what I can tell. You are well-known by the survival community and overall a fun person to talk to. You have my vote.
  13. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

    Thanks for the vote! Appreciate it :)
  14. +1

    Well this is the guy to choose.
    Good personality, Consistently welcoming new comers and good online time in game too.
    Famous for it's =) emoticon ingame :D + helping a lot of players when no staff online in game.

    On top of all, He's my papa pasta :cool:

    Best of luck, Papa Pasta :p
  15. Skelatho

    Skelatho Fresh Spawn

    Thank you my son :p
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