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    You may now fly everywhere, even in the wilderness! We have removed the plugin we were using for fly, and just went with giving everyone /fly everywhere except warzones/koths. This has worked wonders for the server performance, resulting in the terrible lag spikes that have been around since the SOTW being fixed!

    There will be a new change brought in as a result of this. You will need to vote before receiving fly, but we have not implemented it yet. Everyone can fly for now, voter or not. When we do implement this, each vote will give you 2-3 hours of fly time. Crusaders and up will bypass having to vote for fly, and will have it permanently.

    New rule

    Players who find ways to abuse fly in PvP will have their ability to fly permanently revoked. Do not use fly to your advantage in any PvP situation, such as chasing a player with fly after your combat tag runs out.

    Other news

    The enchant "Obstroyer" is temporarily disabled, due to a bug. It should be back and functional within a few days.

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    not fixed, we are getting lag every 5 min and its kicking me....

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