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Staff Application Requirements and Format

Discussion in 'Applications' started by Jamm, May 23, 2016.

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  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Applying for a position should be taken seriously. We wouldn't be able to function properly without a good team. You should keep in mind that all an application means is that you are interested in helping us out; it does not guarantee that you will be accepted. That being said, we wish you luck in the process!

    Upon receiving your application, it may take up to a few weeks (or in some cases longer) for us to review not just your application but also how you perform in game. We will notify you as soon as a decision is made.


    Helper – an entry level moderation assistance role.

    A Helper deals with simple tasks such as welcoming newcomers, answering server questions and reporting rule breakers to Moderators. They also deal with moderating the chat, which can be challenging at times.
    • At least 4 weeks since first join.
    • At least 36 hours of playtime.
    • At least 14 years of age.
    • A discord account.
    • Well known and supported in the community.
    • No recent mutes or bans on record (3+ weeks of no offenses).


    Title: {Username's {position-here}} Application

    Username: (IGN here)

    Date Joined: (mm/dd/yy or an estimate)

    Time Played: (An estimation of your total playtime on the server since you joined)

    Age: (Age here)

    Rank(s): (mcMMO rank and/or donor rank if applicable)

    Position: (State what rank you are applying for)

    Timezone: (What timezone are you in)

    Past Punishments: (If you're unsure, ask a staff member when your last punishment was and for a list of all your previous punishments if you have any. Anything from a warning to a ban needs to be included)

    About: (Write a short summary about yourself, your interests and what makes you unique)

    Reason: (Why are you applying?)

    Experience: (Do you have experience with the requested rank? Please elaborate.)

    Server: (Which server are you applying for (if applicable)?)

    Discord: (Discord account along with its 4 digit number)

    Additional Comments: (Any other further comments or questions you may have can go here, optional)
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