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The End of an Era

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. eze

    eze Active Member

    good bye cc its the best mc server ive played with friends <3 i really miss it so much ily jamm bby <3 ily all <3 the peopel byE$"
  2. BlazeRektYou

    BlazeRektYou Member

    damn i'm late, rip. made lots of memories and friends through cc. best wishes to everyone <3
  3. superomega

    superomega Well-Known Member

    @Jamm will u at least release the seeds for Map 2 now?
  4. superomega

    superomega Well-Known Member

    hey at least I got mentioned, I still talk to john and some other players on discord. I wonder where the rest is...
  5. Nana68

    Nana68 Fresh Spawn

    Mr. Jamm,

    Thank you for the fun I had. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  6. orgonist

    orgonist Member

    The memories we had in this server especially factions the greatest factions and survival server of all time. It was worth it spending my time on this server.

    Good luck to everyone with their lives!
  7. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Thank you guys for all of the kind messages! :)
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  8. CharlesV

    CharlesV Fresh Spawn

    I guess it's time to say goodbye to this server, thanks for all the memories guys
  9. Midnight

    Midnight Fresh Spawn

    Thanks Jamm for all the good memories. I remember me and logic would always come on and play everyday after school. Good times. But who was Learn2live1 anyways?
  10. DODGER

    DODGER Fresh Spawn

    Noooooo!!!!! This....this can't be real :( I was just sat back thinking about the good old days when I'd be having a hard time until ID sit back and relax on cc and forget the world...this server saved me back in the day and for that Jamm I thank you! I wish you all the best in the future and hope life's good (damn I miss those days) :(
  11. gamer214

    gamer214 Member

    I will say I was a nuisance throughout the beginning of the server, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you guys. The server was my home away from the chaotic life I was cursed with as a child. Loosing my father the year of 2011 was very rough for me so I sheltered myself into my room and stayed up many of hours on Conspiracy. Conspiracycraft was my escape from my mind, my one main joy, and I felt as if many of the community members we're more family than most of the family I knew IRL. For that I thank you guys truthfully. I apologize for being a little bit of a problem for you Jamm, as i was an angry child, but as I sit here at 20 and reminisce on all my memories on your server I do realize a part of me will go with the server. But with that said, I hope you and all the people who knew me succeed with whatever is next in your lives! Sincerely, Gamer214
  12. JasonKonvict

    JasonKonvict Member

    Well Jamm.

    It's Your boy JasonKonvict.

    I wanted to join the server just now, to see the bad news that the server is down. :(

    I've Joined your little server around the first map as "Jason" plain simple. really old player. Early 2015, I didn't know of online forms and threads.

    its my first Minecraft server every played. Can you believe it? and the only server I donated to.
    And its my first server to buy things from the store. the only server I ever played on till this day.

    yes!! this server teached me the art of PAYPAL. lol

    I remember to build my reputation to run for staff, only to be shot down. lmfao, I "was" a salty player, but I was genuinely trying to change to help the server and bring my part by donating a lot of money to the server, but your staff was against me. I remember to think about why you guys didn't make me a staff member lol. I changed and I helped even though I'm not staff.

    But all that aside, Jamm I wish you could continue this amazing server, the reason I didn't play much was because, I'm an extremely old player and didn't get the staff rank, It got to me because I really tried. ;) no heart feeling man.

    the server was so good It got me coming back just to chat to the old players who might know me.

    jamm I made alot of friend and foes on your server. I'm looking forward for your next master piece mate.

    SALUTE TO CONSPIRACYCRAFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest In Peace .................. long live Jamm The Goat.

    (I don't think I can reply)

    Bye guys. I will miss you.

    Last edited: Nov 1, 2020
  13. JasonKonvict

    JasonKonvict Member

    What about JasonKonvict? lol its ok
  14. Beezy

    Beezy Active Member

    All good things must come to an end, thanks for the memories and fun.
  15. Austiiee

    Austiiee Fresh Spawn

    Speechless. I was going to make a reappearance and figured I would stop by to see if there has been any changes, and I am glad i did!! It's a sad thing to see the end of this chapter, but nothing lasts forever i suppose!

    Thanks Jamm for giving us the platform to create, to inspire, to socialize, and to collaborate. Some of my best video gaming memories were with some really good human beings on ConspiracyCraft.

    If anyone would like to invite me to create and inspire with them, I suppose I'll be keeping my eye out for my minecraft family and invites on my discord!

    Thank you,

  16. Greenman01

    Greenman01 Member

    Omg this server was my childhood even though I didbt play last 2-3 maps, but i will wtill never forget this legendary server. :sob:
  17. Vyoxa

    Vyoxa Fresh Spawn

    I want you to know you've brought lots of joy for a complete stranger, Jamm, for me.
    Without your decision to make the server, lots of pleasant memories may have not been made and my life would've been altered significantly.
    Whenever, wherever you are, always remember that, you deserve to be happy because you made others happy.
  18. Vito0o0o

    Vito0o0o Fresh Spawn

    Goodbye conspiracy craft..
    And thank you for the memories.

  19. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    man y'all gotta stop with these comments. makin me want to bring the server back and shit :p
    thanks friend!
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  20. ZeusTheWarrior

    ZeusTheWarrior Active Member

    I was an older player and staff member from years ago. Time flew by, I am graduating with a computer science degree this spring.

    I will never forget my time playing here. Big thank you to Jamm and the entire community.

    Thank you TheLegacy3 for the shoutout!

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