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The End of an Era

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

  2. SlushyMonsta

    SlushyMonsta Fresh Spawn

  3. Sayril

    Sayril Active Member

    im gonna sound gay for saying this but i kinda love cc ngl
  4. Billynguy

    Billynguy Admin Staff Member

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  5. Wilsoncats

    Wilsoncats Retired

    Wow this is crazy. Thank you Jamm and everyone else who we formed friendships with here.
    (Without getting too sappy)
    This too was the first ever server I played on and it took a huge chunk of my life. I started playing around 7 years ago when a family friend showed me it. I was so amazed by it although I didn't understand what was going on. I used to spend HOURS grinding out facs like everyone else. It took up all of my high school years. Then you know, life caught up to me too and had to say goodbye.
    I give kudos to you Jamm for being able to balance your real life and server life on one plate. You spent so many hours with your dedication and hard work put towards this server, and we all thank you for doing so.
    Thank you for everything you have done for us; as players, staff members, and as a friend.
    You've done a lot and I can not thank you enough.

    With a heavy heart, we say our farewells. I wish you the best of luck with the next chapter in your life.

    Thank you again.
  6. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    I have been thinking whether it would be a good idea for me to write here but I am doing this anyways. I have been here since the very first weeks of Map 2 and hearing that all of this is coming to an end very soon is nothing but very upsetting and sad. I will never ever forget the positive impact CC has had on me, on how sociable I have become and on how I behave on certain occasions. CC was and still remains my online family consisting of the people I was lucky enough to have met throughout this 4 year old journey. It all began with me exploring the very small yet decorative and remarkable spawn of Map 2 to joining my,to this day, friends on jeff's town. That's when my time on CC became something more than just gaming. Spending hours upon hours on voice chat with my party friends, building, working and messing with each other. It's an experience that I will forever cherish despite the minor issues that occured. These 4 years are something I am beyond thankful for and something I won't ever forget about. Thank you everyone, random people from all maps, friends, family, staff and at last Jamm. You have made this trip one to remember and I will always be grateful for this. Even though this community is nearing its end, I do not feel like I should say goodbye. Thank you everyone and Jamm, leaving aside my past self, I wish you the best for your future life. It's been a pleasure playing here. Farewell?

    and here is a list of the people that were always there when I needed them the most despite our fights, randomly placed:
    Maloke, Lemno, BlueFray, JackHMMR,Sami, moksh, superomega, pichuo2, Rouzy, scarlet, QueenHerp, Mikey, Thunder, Bambi, Gamergirl, Flash, Tan,
    Benny, iToasty, Laith, Samu, Hew, Rogue,cp,Claude, RaeRae, luigia, CCLil, Suki, JFK and Kira.

    the rest of my
    Greco friends:
    pana,Ena, KingRayven, DIMISS10, Greek and the noobs Peo and Elena.

    and the rest of my
    DT fam:
    Metu, Rex, thra, Seasmy, Cluster, Lolen, Eren, Beast, Zeff, Ishi, Ziy,horse, Barr, naz, Rey and the new trap, Amelia.

    You have all made it better for me, whether it was 4 years ago,in the last 7 months or even yesterday.I appreciate every single one of you.


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  7. TheLegacy3

    TheLegacy3 Member

    Dang, it was 7 years ago that I joined the server. We've come a long way, lads.

    Here's a little time capsule through my videos (ignore the squeaker)

    Shout-out to:
    • Jamm, for being an awesome server owner.
    • Death_penguin2, Deadpool3993103 (the guy who got JrMod from that kitpvp competition, and yes, I was jealous :p) and the rest of Imperials.
    • Unicornslayer (one of the nicest people I've met on the server) and yxes_mi/CantBeSaved (the first guy to inside my faction. One day I'll get my revenge) and the rest of Beavrs.
    • Billy, the vietnamese war-panda and perhaps one of the longest tenured player on the server.
    • BlueFray, Sami, Tango, and Ender (The Holy Quaternity(?) of the Survival Server).
    • JY1853, underrated legend.
    • Sore and Ghassen
    • YGLW, poopd*ck (yes, that's his actual IGN. He's the guy who basically dominated mctop for years) and the rest of Slushy.
    • KingofBass, veepos, and the rest of the peruvians.
    • Extroke.. just kidding.
    • Santa Piggy (whoever that guy is, he's cool).
    • BobIsLegit (The original member+).
    • ZeusTheGod and Ares30.
    • Lots and lots of staff members I've worked with over the years.
    • Other people I forgot to mention because it has been years hahahaha.
    Thanks again for the memories guys. Good luck in your future endeavors, Jamm.
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  8. Marcogamez21

    Marcogamez21 Fresh Spawn

    Thanks. #CC<3
  9. professor_7mada

    professor_7mada Well-Known Member


    Btw my forums account is still glitched lol
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  10. xLsGRules

    xLsGRules Well-Known Member

  11. Tron_EX

    Tron_EX Active Member

    Well! all roads lead to an end, but it's all about the memories we depart with. Had a great time and could gladly say this was my first ever server.

    Started a beggar ended as a beggar, didn't donate shit but thanks for the memories! <3

    - Tron_EX / Trydex
  12. EXPERT1970

    EXPERT1970 Member

    rip cc man, was defo a part of me for a few years, the facs community was perfect with a mix of fun toxicity we all loved, especially being part of autists/animosity it was fun having a large amount of enemies, and the competition was fun, goodbye CC and goodbye jamm we will all miss you <3
  13. Evoal

    Evoal Member

    i had such a great time playing and spending time with friends there, A Story To Memorize 4 Ever.
  14. YGLW

    YGLW Fresh Spawn

    2012 to now, nothing but great times. <3 Love everyone i met up here.
  15. Vascade

    Vascade Member

    Not sure if you'll see this Jamm, but I just wanted to say that despite the immature troubles my younger self may have caused you and the server in the past, I'll always appreciate your incredible creation and the memories it has allowed me to carry. God bless.
  16. Houndrag

    Houndrag Member

    I loved this server. I truly did. This server has given me so much. It built a good bit of my character to what I am today. Oh the fun experiences Ive had! @Jamm, I will be the saddest person to see this server close but every good thing has to end. I wish you best of luck brother. I hope you prosper in life.
  17. iSlice

    iSlice Fresh Spawn

    All good things must come to an end
  18. Kmo

    Kmo Active Member

    Well, just got on and saw this, CC took a nice chunk outta my life and I don't regret it one bit, I've met so many friends and good all-around people. It makes me so happy to see how far CC has come and I wait for the day to where it continues living. Thank you for all you have built for us, Justin.

    Thank you,
  19. NBAYT

    NBAYT Member

    I have been playing on this server for about 5 years. I remember when this server had KitPvP, skyward, cannon, survival, and especially factions. I remember I first played factions around map 9 or 10. I remember that I kept cheating the fishing McMmo while afk. I also remember when the server got hacked by a guy that destroyed faction spawn and grief survival when I was not online. I remember when factions was still in development and it reached a max around +160 players daily in 2015 - 2016. I have played her since I was in the 7 or 8th grade. Now I am in college and some of my childhood memories are within this community. I guess it is best to go our separate ways and move on. Goodbye CC and it should be 2020 plan... not 2050 plan. At least Jamm did his job and now he can do whatever is important in his life. Goodbye all.
  20. 51R_B0B

    51R_B0B Fresh Spawn

    Today is this year's first snow where I live. The grey sky and shattering silence matches my mood now.

    I've been playing on other servers. Today I thought I'd play on CC again and when I checked, I found out about its closing.
    I can't say that I've been around long enough to form those amazing and legendary memories that the others here can talk about. I only played for 3 months or so.

    I'm commenting here because this server will be special as the first server I ever played on. It has a community like no other I've been to, it has a history like none else. My entire extended summer break revolved around this server. I played for at least 10 hours every day without fail for months straight. I had a lot of fun.

    And for that, I want to thank Jamm. I want to thank everybody who played with me. Thank you all, so, so much. Everything comes to an end. It's sad to see this amazing place go, but I'm happy that Jamm is moving on with his life and I wish him good luck in whatever he does in the future.

    So long,
    and thanks for all the fish,

    Last edited: Sep 9, 2020
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