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The End of an Era

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. FroTheLoaf

    FroTheLoaf Fresh Spawn

    Im gonna hella miss this place. I've started out in map 5 and it was rlly fun and it genuinely was best 1.15/1.16 survival server. Thank you for the memories <3. Vortex#5690 add me if u wanna pvp :p.
  2. KouritoKokoro

    KouritoKokoro Fresh Spawn

    ;( 4 Years Good Times. <3
  3. KouritoKokoro

    KouritoKokoro Fresh Spawn

    This Server Made my Childhood Complete. Thank you Jamm. <3
  4. HyperDarkness

    HyperDarkness Member

    And so it ends here. Met so many people from Conspiracy and CC honestly impacted my life a lot. I'm happy that you created such a wonderful server Jamm.

  5. Just_Raven

    Just_Raven Fresh Spawn

    Thank you so much, jamm. i had a great time here and will miss all of my great friends like metu, iroh, thracian, naz, slushy, ziyadk, sayori, and the whole dream team. i would miss my gold rank and macro fireballing myself. A good bye to jake and kroy, I had fun crystaling kids with u <3 I'm sad that we won't be able to finish the dream team shop but some good things gotta end. Here is a final good bye from raven. u guys have fun and Jamm, u go have fun. U still have a life ahead of u <3
  6. Speedy

    Speedy Active Member

    Dude 2020 sucks
  7. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    This is tough, this is really tough. For everyone. I've been here for a fraction of the time y'all have been and I'm shook. I don't know how to put it into words.

    About a year and a half ago I was looking for somewhere to spend my weekends. This was the first server that came up, and it looked pretty cool, so I tried it out. Pretty much every day since then I've logged on and played. Sometimes it was only for a few minutes, and sometimes for hours on end. As time went on, it became a bigger part of my life. High school, college and society in general isn't the nicest to everyone, so having somewhere else to spend time with others who actually want to hear what you have to say and spend time with you has immense impact, largely unknown to those who aren't familiar with online multiplayer games. You really get to know the people here, and do some pretty fantastic and memorable things, so it's a shame that the platform that brought so many together is closing its doors.

    Of all the valuable lessons I've learned here, I don't think any of them have to do with the game itself. Talking to people here is incredibly insightful. You learn to take nothing for granted. You learn to make the most of what you've got. You learn that goals are achievable if you're willing to put your heart into it. Being able to talk to people a world away in an instant is still a relatively new concept, and I don't think its full potential has yet been realized.

    So this is it. It truly is the end of an era. As silly as it may seem, this minecraft server has taken up a huge part of my life, and I'm glad it did. Even if only for a year or so, I'm so thankful for all the people I've met, and all the people who kept this server going for so long. Jamm, thank you for doing your absolute best. You persevere on a scale incomparable to all the other inactive and sluggish server owners I've known, and that will not go unnoticed. Sami, the world needs more understanding, caring people like you. Always wanting the best for others, you were my go-to staff for advice, and you never disappointed, even when I did. Thank you to DT, for showing me the kind of love and support I've never really seen elsewhere. To everyone else, and I do mean every single one of you, thanks. For the lessons learnt, the epic battles fought and the great times together. I could probably spew a few more pages of this emotion-smothered rambling so I'll cut it short right here. Thank you, all of you, and sorry for the mistakes I've made in the past. I'll miss you guys.

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2020
  8. Air Conditioner

    Air Conditioner Fresh Spawn

    Gonna miss the time I had on this server. The only server where i had fun in closing is probably going to make me cry at night to sleep.
  9. MLGIyel

    MLGIyel Fresh Spawn

    When I first joined, I was just staying for a bit while a server was gonna restart; a new map you could say. The custom items weren't really understandable for a bit, and I didn't talk in chat at all. Then I met someone I got acquainted with. I can't remember his name, but he gave me an elytra while selling me some books. He's long gone now, but I met someone who lived near him. Then cp started showing up. I feel like that was after I started acquainting myself with most of the people on the server. A few weeks passed, I had full divine. I had a shop. I was at least known by most of the people on the server. Then, I was invited to WG. I didn't quite understand KoTH much, but I got the hang of it when I decided to join one. I also got Iron rank from a seller that really tested my patience. Now the server's closing. Met lots of friends, lost lots of hours. It was worth the months of time, as long as I could meet people on a really simple server I loved. From CCNet to ConspiracyCraft, who knew I could transfer from one CC to another?

    Rest In Peace ConspiracyCraft. Never forget.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2020
  10. Khanemesis

    Khanemesis Fresh Spawn

    All good things come to an end, as they must. To have had the experience is the true pleasure.
    Kind regards to all, love to those exceptional souls that I've called friend over the years. My only regret is not having visited more while I could, but cherished in mind you are.
    Thanks for the memories. <3
  11. JFK9411

    JFK9411 Trial Helper Staff Member

    Great Plans for Map 6
    CC is an ever-growing community and day-by-day, the community receives new-comers. With the demand of housing sky-rocketing, I would like to announce the plans to prepare for infrastructures, including residential, commercial, industrial and others.

    For those who've known me well, I've built cities throught Maps 3, 4, and 5. I would like to explain my intensions and interest to build another city in the upcoming map.

    In Map 3, as my old account MineTuberVideo, the city Eastern Peninsular rose on a coast hosting separated households with by-then stone made carriageways. The city featured a sea-shore market, a small town hall, incompleted Metro Stations and the still under-construction mall named Hysan Place. The city was small but the highways were eye-catching, hosting my closest friends around the road connections. I was by then a non-ranker, only redeemed a [Miner] rank with a 60-days voucher. However, I left the project mid-way having to continue my studies, and Map 3 ended earlier than I came back.

    In Map 4, an unnamed city stood on a flattened island. It featured an incomplete, taller mall 1 Maple Road, to host several themed shops throughout 9 stories. Also mentioning the red suspension bridge connecting the highway, and planned another Metro below the main island. It was, however, again left unfinished due to the workload in academics.

    Map 5 saw the greatest progress of my city projects. New project methods including slavery and contract cooperation is used. The first, smaller city area Greensberg successfully hosted residents at Commuton Apartments, marking the success of practical city constructions. The city area hosted also Vexto's Mansion, incomplete Greensberg Station, Greensberg Castle (originally planned as shop), and of course, PmL shop (Premium Lounge). Also constructed a bridge to cross the ocean to Upton area, but the project suspended to give way to the second.

    The second city initialled by the team named Enterprise Alliance, to build a 600K sqm large of city area in teamed basis, near the Eastern World Border. It included advanced city planning, street plots, and a larger mall Eastern City Mall. The team worked hard, especially mentioning BigDaddyJake for clearing the great mass of land in just one week time. The city was unfortunately left out due to, again, the big examination I had during April. That's as well when the pandemics broke out and brought a lot of changes in real life. The plans are hence well-archived in the team Discord, leaving the roads over. It brought not only the lesson that a strict timeline would be needed for a big project, and great memories in workmanship was also left.

    Absorbing the experience of the previous projects, I would like to draft better plannings to the new city in Map 6, combining the methods of slavery and contracts. However, this time, deadlines will be set to enhance the momentum for work. For example:

    Week 1: Legislative & Claiming / Resource Gathering
    As we expect a medium sized city to be raised, we'll set up advanced rules within the city areas. We'll rush to claim a land right next to the spawn border, so to enhance the uses of our city's infrastructure. These will be done in speedy phase within the first week. Meanwhile, needed resources are gathered according to the plans, to make way for future build developments.

    Week 2: Infrastructures Construction / Structures of First Households Raised
    As same as last maps, builds of this map will be connected by advanced carriageways. As soon as the plots are outlined, roads will be filled, and high-rise buildings can be outlined. A new feature of this map's city will be underground electricity and pipe system, to bring real-life experience to the residents.

    Week 3: Installations / Sales
    As soon as the build outlines are done, interior and exterior installations can be made accordingly. Alongside, the sales team will start to receive purchases and leases of households from the public. Infrastructures are expected to be done by this time, and expansions to city areas can be made to circulate for more build projects.

    Week 4: Moving in
    By the time household builds are completed, we can start to move in residents registered and paid for their household purchases. We shall immediately utilise the services and surrounding infrastructure, as we expect residents and visitors to be making use of the surroundings. As the piloting projects are called to completion, team resource can move on to work another circuit to expand the city.
    New features are expected to upgrade the living standards of residents, compared to Map 5's Commuton Apartments. Including:

    Public & Private Housing
    New housing standards will be imposed and 2-level of housings will be introduced. Public housings will host residents, especially with the lower incomes, with slightly more advanced but basic rooms like Commuton, to allow maximum flexibility for them to catch up with standard CC life. Private Housing, on the other hand, takes a longer construction period but more advanced facilities including secured gateways, interior services, and more, to maximise living standards for those who would like to truly enjoy city life. Public Housings will be rental and monitored by a new Housing Authority, which reviews applications and incomes to set levels of household rents and supports. Otherwise, Private Housings will be sold off for higher price, but services will be concentrated at its max. Players are allowed to choose between the two standards according to their needs and financial status.

    Apart from Roads which are designed for manpower and horse / pigs, Metro and Shipping connections will be built. Detailed design will be announced later, but it will focus on player interactions to make sure the public can use the infrastructures with ease.

    Service Features
    To bring city experiences to CC community, new features including Centralised Electricity System will be introduced (which, with a switch we can turn the whole city's lights off, cool). More stuff like Refuse Bins (we ban littering and so we can recycle refuse through the bins, and to save the resources back to market) will also be imposed after trials.

    Due to its complexity, several legislative level of administrations will be set up, including but not limited to Housing Authority, Police Department (to monitor inner-city activities like claim grieving), Board of Shop Disciplines (to promote fair trades), Labour Council (to handle workforce) and else.
    Investments & Wages
    To boost development and infrastructure, I in person is expected to invest at minimum $500 in terms of keys, ranks and claims, to sell in return of balance to support the wages and resources needed. Further $100 per month (expected) is to provide the continuation of the projects, as the city continue to develop. PmL is expected to re-open for the sales of premium items to support the project financially.
    For wages, we may re-introduce the slavery (paid) or contract basis. Wages are to be accounted per week / month (to be discussed) which can be deposited by a chest-shop banking system, meanwhile contracts can be paid-off in one go, but requirements are to be made including to meet the deadlines. It is to encourage the continuation of workforce, where the city project can be supported live.

    To support the project, we're pre-recruiting the following positions:

    To design the outline / context of builds and facilities; Manage the outcome in a built context
    To manage workforce / citizenship / legislative registrations; To contact individuals; Work will be 50% concentrated offline paperwork.​

    Interested personnel may contact JFK9411 in person to discuss the work and the privilege of the positions.

    With another city project, we're expected to bring CC another closed connected community, while continue its bustling lifestyle within a city complex. It will also fulfil my will to complete a working city in the server of CC.
    Thank you for notifying and I pledge your support to the next city project. Awards are promised.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Leader of Map 6 City Project
    [/move to bin]

    I thought I should cry but I couldn't. Please allow me to think of what last words to leave... :sob:
  12. JayTheGreat

    JayTheGreat Fresh Spawn

    Man I'm gonna miss this server. I've been playing here since 2017 and joined the community on 2018(joined this website, discord). I was playing on and off so you might not know me well. I'm like the quiet kid in the group thay hears everything. I'm quite busy in life so I rarely play SMP, but whenever I play, I log in to CC. This news deeply sadden me because I literally just returned yesterday and hope I can play more in this server, but then this news came. Well thank you for the memories CC. So glad I played in this server <3 Goodbye o/
  13. Black34879

    Black34879 Fresh Spawn

    was my first server it did have alot of limitations i hated this map and some choices were questionable
    but man i'll definitely miss the community,the friends i've made and the memories i've had on this server from my starter days to today
    it was a nice run and wish y'all a nice day
  14. Moksh

    Moksh Member

    Wow.... Can't believe this is happening..
    I have so much memories from map 2 in this server.. damn the nostalgia hits hard

    I joined in 2016 looking for a mc server and cc was the first and probably the only one i joined
    Shortly after I joined I Met
    Jefferson , Mahahi , Cluster21 and we made a town , we started as 4-5 peopel but eventually it became the biggest town in map 2 also know as the jeff town and later Areez ( he got me muted so many times i cant even count smh ), Maloke , JackHMMR ,zNutorius , ali13 , asasa , Candycreeper , CCtheLilGamer , CrashcpYT , DarkDiamondG , FaitH and many other members joined cant even remember all the names...

    Later i met a dude named
    Joeni and we made the Sugarcane farm which expanded from bedrock to skylimit , Had a lot of fun tp lagging people with it... That was the biggest project i made will be sure to attach an ss of it here
    I met a lot of people as time went
    Rahat_Elric , Vexto , #BlameThunder , Superomega , JayaYahya ( This asshole got me banned with him btw ) , Johnashraf , Poi and mezz ( i still think they are the same )

    I cant even remember all of the stuff i did here but i did enjoy doing all of them thanks to these guys <3 All the major things i remember are
    /warp Senzumart with
    ali13 and Candycreeper ( which was def better than /warp c21 btw)
    9000 piston auto Sugarcane farm with
    Jeff town with Jefferson
    Beating Giga_08 in a 1v1 ( Imagine losing in a 1v1 against survival player )
    3 Guardian farms with
    Rahat Areez and Cluster21
    200x200 cactus farm with joopXswag ( #EconomyRip2017 and he never returned my 2.5M )
    Winter build event with iAreBirdy ( Great guy ) then Tanmew coppied our design and won cause #ModAbuse

    And how can i forget
    ENDORACRAFT.. The server Benjiii made after he got banned from CC lol...good times ( We secrelty stole members from cc and forced them to join Endoracraft btw....)
    That server also went on for a while and i met a Lot of peps from cc there like
    Redpromon , Tigeropcrafter and others

    Then i returned to cc after Endoracraft went down and due to staying with Ben's side for a while I used xray and got
    Perm banned By Cyanfray , MagicmikeXXL , Maloke , Tan and Sami.....All of them had some contributions in banning me which is a longer story than time itself... Apparently i wasted a LOT of their time on this issue

    I did appeal and got unbanned afterwards but lost interest in minecraft and left the server

    Welp that was a fun nostalgia trip...Won't ever forget the time i spent with the people here and if you read it this far Like , Share and Subscribe
    I will definitely miss yall and hope you have a great day Byee

    Sugarcane farm.png
    Og ss.png
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  15. Benjiii

    Benjiii Active Member

    Lies! everyone who joined, joined of thier own free will xD also dont blame me for you're xray crimes cheeky boi. xD
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  16. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    Howdy CC, I can’t believe it’s actually happening. This server has always held a special fragment in my heart. I joined for serious reason at the start of map 2, and met my first friend, RFHide and the rest was history. The community here has always been a blessing to me, and while we did have rough patches due to the fact i was staff, y’all were all really amazing people. (besides you JustUgh fuck you)

    To all my fellow ex staff friends and current staff friends, it was a blessing to work alongside y’all, the memory’s i made worming with you guys aren’t replaceable.

    To those who still want to contact me, my discord is always an option, follow me on insta at @king_sammy_gav, tell me on discord beforehand first :p.

    This server has been a huge spotlight in my life, but as a wise author once said, all good things must come to and end.

    Viva La CC!
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  17. The era may end. The legends, oh boi. They never dies.

    Once a legend, always a legend.

    Sincerely, the person responsible of :
    1. Breaking economies successfully in map 2 & 3
    2. The actual reason why Hopper and Tree Feller got nerfed (Sorry thunder, I had to come clean now XDDD)
    3. The person who introduced Eff 6 Silk pickaxe to the server in map 2
    4. The person who broke economy using Salvage skill
    5. The person that expanded the so called "limits" of minecraft in CC.
    6. Being a mad lad in general :D

    I still remember that day when BlueFray "invited" me to be in her party, which has a lot of staff members in it. Even though it was up and down, I will never regret the path I took that day. I get to know so many staff and know how to assist within my jurisdiction as a player. There is that bond of "BlueTimes" that still sacredly being preserved until today. Even though most of the members are MIA, but the rest who stays, keeps in contact.
    I can proudly say that they are my online family. That's what this server brings... Friendship, Family, A bond, A connection.

    I remember when BlueTimes collapses. In a way I was sad, but had the urge to continue the flag to be the leading innovator in the server.
    My building skill was meh, but my grinding skill was good. So I did that. Both MCMMO and Moolah. I thought, I owed it to Blue, to continue the torch. To not let the group down when they visit back. To let them feel that we're still leading. That we're still, the best.

    From there, I built my empire. The few elite people who can do anything. Even the sky was not their limit. I will always remember every single person who worked for me ingame. They aren't just workers or "slave" as the community said it. They are, amigos. I can trust them, they can trust me.
    I still remember that day where I asked DragonSkull777 to drain an entire ocean + lava pools just to make my cactus farm in map 2 XD
    I still remember that day where I argued so hard with Danisaacs just to realize how childish it was and make an alliance of a life time.
    I still remember that day when LordKonKon got promoted to staff and I joked about how a staff is working for me ingame. Thanks, Bon. You'll always be the best emerald trader I've ever had.
    I still remember when Rahat and I met. We're meant to be partners since the beginning. So we did. Thank you for all the hard work you've put, Rahat. It means a lot.
    And I'm looking at you, GHOST. If it weren't for you busting me for autofishing and afk taming, we wouldn't have this bond right now ;)
    In the end, I've made a hell lot of connections in the server. Both good and the people who just can't seem to embrace my existence >_>
    I will never forget the day they decide to partner with me. In my eyes, they're the legends.

    "Would I do it all over again?" Hell to the yea. It was worth it. Even "worth it" can't express my feelings towards the times I've spent in this server.

    To my "elites",
    Thank you for trusting me to lead the group back then. Y'all never complained a thing to me and it means a lot. The way y'all trusted a stranger in an online server is respectable and I'll never forget that.
    Even during my down times, you were there and in a way supported me.

    And for you Jamm,
    I'm grateful that you've provided me a place to grow since I stepped foot in this server. You don't know how big of an impact it has on me.
    Even to this date, I still remember the words you say to me. The "I care for you" in your own ways.
    I will never be able to repay that. "Thank you" won't justify how grateful I am.

    The "OG" Legend.

    Where it all began. [​IMG]
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  18. alvar04

    alvar04 Member

    Seeing CC close after all this time is saddening, I hope I get the chance of meeting you guys on another Minecraft server when the time comes.
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  19. Fedora_Fox

    Fedora_Fox Member

    -=+RIP CC+=-

    Thank you so much for all of the memories and friendships I made in my years of CC.

    Good luck for the future, Jamm.
  20. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Well then, it's finally over. The first server I played. Wish you all well wherever you decide to go!

    btw will the forums get deleted as well or will it be kept for the memories?

    Gosh it's actually ending.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2020

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