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Xxnapr's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Applications' started by XxnaprRL, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    Username: Xxnapr

    Date Joined: February 15th, 2020 (estimate)

    Time Played: 24.84 days

    Age: For privacy reasons, I will keep my specific age untold. However, I am over the required age of 13 and am in my 20’s. Throughout the Application, I will use the age 26, for simplicity’s sake.

    Rank(s): Power level 449, and the Diamond rank.

    Position: I am applying for the T-Helper and Helper rank.

    @Timezone: UTC - 2h (EST+2h)

    Past Punishments: 1 mute for spam (87 days ago from July 26th, 2020)

    About: Hi, I’m Xxnapr (Napr). I'm 26 years old, and I’ve been wanting to apply to staff for as long as I’ve been playing. I live in an unspecified location in Canada, where I take advantage of the great National and Provincial Parks. When I’m not working or playing Conspiracy Craft, I’m hiking, taking a ride on the parkway, or trying to learn how to play my cheapo acoustic guitar, much to my neighbours’ dismay. Ingame, I am the owner of the Head Museum. I play frequently, but more on the weekends, and enjoy a more community-based play-style. I occasionally participate in KoTH, but spend most of my time doing friendly PvP, chatting with folks in global or party chat, or simply working on build projects to the sound of some Green Day albums.

    In chat, while I stray mostly towards speaking with people about whatever's on the table, I do not hesitate to help out. If no staff is online while a rule breaker is, though this occasion is becoming rarer and rarer with all the amazing and active staff, I’ll report it on Discord. If any new player is in need, I do my best to help them out, and I frequently refer flooders/spammers to the /rules page, instead of just joining the “No Flood!” spam.

    Reason for Applying:

    It goes without saying that I like to help people, why else would I want to become staff? I also find hefty satisfaction in seeing new players fit in, and learn more of our community, which is one thing I have seen helpers have made possible for many enthusiastic newbies..

    Another, more serious reason, for my application, is the verbal abuse I see so many players face. Whether it is from new users or old users, it pains me, especially when the abuse is a form of racist or homophobic hate speech. I have first-hand real-life experience of being the victim of this, and I am pained when it happens.

    As I stated earlier, I have wanted to become staff for a while. However, when I saw cp12cwp - a user who was kind enough to message me as a new player and I was lucky enough to be befriended by- was made staff, I realized that now was my chance. He and all the other new staff members inspired me to finally finish off the details of this application.

    Experience: In terms of experience for the helper rank, I am a Senior staff on a Discord server with over 1500 members, related to a small business. I am also a junior staff on another much smaller server.

    Discord: Napr#3960

    Additional Comments: Over the last few months, I have put in much effort to practice being staff. I feel that I am knowledgeable at the practice. However, if I do become staff on Conspiracy Craft, I will be ready to learn and will be eager for any helpful or useful information the other staff throw at me. I will put all my effort into the position, I will be open about my struggles, and will do my best to make Conspiracy Craft a better place.
  2. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    Forgot to add this:
    Any constructive criticism much appreciated
  3. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    +1 this application was well put together, and I can tell you put a lot of work into it and I felt inspired just reading this :). I can say you are a great candidate and I believe you'd be a great addition to the staff team, in fact this is probabaly one of the best and well put applications I have ever seen in the time I've been staff on several platforms and cc itself. Stay strong best of luck.
  4. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    Thanks Cp,
    Thanks so much for the "+1". Your support means a lot!
  5. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    You're very well qualified. You are friendly, active and helpful, and you'd be a wonderful fit for the staff team. Good luck!
  6. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    Thank you so so much!
  7. Martin_Stone679

    Martin_Stone679 Fresh Spawn

    +1 Good luck on helper
  8. Przy2A

    Przy2A Fresh Spawn

    +1 ur cool :cool:
  9. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    Thanks! (ur cool too )
  10. ZeffVictor

    ZeffVictor Fresh Spawn

  11. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

  12. santinocore

    santinocore Fresh Spawn

    I came back from the grave just to say +1
  13. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    :eyes: Thanks!

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