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Pet[Souls] System - Suggestion

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by cp12cwp, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    - Pet System -
    One issue in CC is we always have an "end point" when grinding things and quite frankly, I think there should be aspects where there's never an end game to always keep it interesting. Here is my idea on a pet system. However the real question is how can you make something that benefits everyone, keeps them happy, but still sees a combination of resources we have used in the past and can be used now? Via rankups, the new custom crafting in more is my vision and how we could make a really interesting way of PvE and PvP as a whole.
    So, my general idea would be like "Souls" of pets, as you have obtained the soul of a pet and now can use it. Of course there has to be a cost to everything, so that's why I've tried to think of counteracts to each and everything.

    I was thinking of making it to two of the options if this is considered too "op" to have all the pets
    Option 1: The pet MUST be in the hotbar
    Option 2: You can only have 1 pet from each category in your inventory at a time (1 McMMO pet, 1 Boss pet..etc)

    Since a lot of CC is invested in McMMO, ill start there. Being 3 available pets to get via grinding. [Exp Consumption] These are more or less Defensives more than Offensives
    Pet of Combat [Max out all your Combat Stats]:
    This pet would give you Strength I, it should take large amounts of EXP to use, but using it will still be good. Using it would result consistently get Strength I until your Exp meter depletes to 0.
    >> Right Click To Activate - Passively used, will constantly give strength I until can no longer.
    >> Right Click Again To Disable
    >> Takes 1 Inventory Slot
    >> 8 Minute Refresh rate -> Cannot enable it within 8 minutes of disabling it, and cannot disable it it within 8 minutes of enabling it.
    >> Takes priority over any other strength effect.

    Pet of Gathering [Max out all your Gathering Stats]:
    This pet would give Saturation, basically upon using it would take saturation, it would restore 4 drumsticks but give the saturation of a golden carrot.
    >> Right Click To Activate - Non passively used - Used when right clicked every time
    >> Longer time to use/consume
    >> Takes 1 Inventory Slot
    >> 5 Minute Refresh rate -> Cannot be used again within 5 minutes of last use.

    Pet of Misc. [Max out all your Misc Stats]:

    This pet would give you absorb I, with a renew rate of about 1 minute (basically renewing itself every 1 minute negating the ability to have to gap - downfall is the player wouldn't get the saturation so its not as op as a gap if used, however still good enough to an extent someone would use it)
    My other idea was giving it a health boost, basically like a charm without needing to offhand it. However it shouldn't be stack-able with a charm in itself, but could give like an extra heart than a charm.
    Another option would be to pick between them too, you could even give each Pet type per Grinding Category multiple to pick from if that is what the community would like. Adding more skill and variety into PvP as a whole.
    >> Right Click To Activate - Passively used, will constantly give Absorb or Health Boost I
    >> Takes 1 Inventory Slot
    >> 16 Minute Refresh Rate -> Cannot be disabled within 5 mins of enabling, and cannot be enabled within 5 minutes of disabling
    >> Priority health, basically sets a "max" health, meaning u couldnt stack other potions on top of it, but rather it be a permanent effect without having the downfall of something like slowness via Corrupted gear.
    A good thing about that is that the more levels you grind the harder it will be to maintain those pets due to the fact it will take ___ amount of levels, not a consistant exp rate meaning you couldnt just grind 100 levels and be good for ages, it takes levels, not exp :D

    Next in my list is Boss Grinding, as lets be real here...it needs some more fun. [Armor Consumption + Ore Powering]
    As you all know the current armor is quite unbreakable so my idea is to make it more likely but make it worth that risk. I'm sure you also all know that there are 3 vanilla Minecraft bosses. Which include the
    Enderdragon, Elder Guardian, and finally the Wither. Of the 3 should each have its own special "soul" aka pet.

    Enderdragon Soul Pet:
    Obtained by killing the dragon for a chance to obtain a soul shard, it requires 8 shards + 1 void ore to make said pet. [5%]

    >> Passive Ability - When you are hit you have a 1% chance to give the attacker the Slow Falling effect for 10 seconds.

    Elder Guardian
    Obtained by killing Elder guardian, for a chance to obtain a soul shard, it requires 8 shards + 1 void ore to make said pet [5%] [15% per temple]

    >> Passive Ability - When you are hit you have a 2% chance to give the attacker the Mining fatigue effect for 5 seconds.
    No this isn't op because the arrows you can get from grinding give more (Dw rex <3 your grinding isn't in vain ;3)

    Obtained by Killing Wither, for a chance to obtain a soul shard, it requires 8 shards + 1 void ore to make said pet [2%]

    >> Passive Ability - When you are hit you have a 3% chance to give the attacker the Wither effect for 10 seconds.

    Basically when you use a offensive ability, it takes durability off your armor, but also additionally to power them you'd have to use Sapphire, Ruby, or Void Ingots

    + Ruby Give 1 use Each
    Void Ingots Give 5 Uses Each.

    Just attach them by right clicking it, filling a meter with maybe like a limit of 10-25 uses before needing to be refilled (Could technically take ruby and sapphire to pvp as a strategy - more strategy is always good)
    Crate Pets
    I was thinking of having two "pet" things, 2 of the pets being available in the Rare and Legendary Crates, and 1 in common
    Common Protection Pet [Snow Golem Skinned] [5% -> 1/20 keys]
    Rare Protection Pet [Ravager Skinned] [ 5% -> 1/20 keys]
    Legendary Protection Pet [Iron Golem Skinned] [5% -> 1/20 keys]
    These Pets would be the counter to the negative effects the other pets could give you, or just debuffs in general.
    Common Protection Pet: 1% chance of protection
    Rare Protection Pet: 5% chance of protection
    Legendary Protection Pet: 10% chance of protection
    Of course you could only have 1 in your inventory at a time so you couldn't just stack and make them 16% protection rate. Nor could you stack several.
    My next little idea was that there would be a "pet crate" similarly to the disguise crate in how you could get pets that you could of course grind for, but this would be the "easy" alternative for players. Pets of course wouldn't be permanent. I won't be listing the pets here, but the pets will be suggested in the section referring the "normal mob pets". Which would also be winnable in this crate. I think there should also be a way to win all 3 tiers via grindable methods
    Normal Mob Pets
    Squid,turtle: Water breathing: 8 Minute bursts, 3 minute cooldown
    Villager: Hero of the Village: 1 minute bursts, 5 minute cooldown
    Bat: Night Vision: 8 minute bursts, 3 minute cooldown
    Cat: Speed II Bursts: 10 Seconds, 30 second cooldown
    Horse, Donkey, Mule: Jump Boost II Bursts: 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown
    Fox: Speed III Bursts: 5 Seconds, 45 second cooldown
    Rabbit: Jump Boost III Bursts: 5 seconds, 45 second cooldown
    Any form of fish: Conduit Effect
    Endermen: -2 Seconds off your pearl cooldown
    Dolphin: Dolhpins Grace Bursts: 30 seconds: 2 Minute cooldown
    Spider: 1% chance to give attacker 5 second blindness debuff (1/2 of the arrow and 1% so not too op)
    Cave Spider: 3% chance to give the attacker 10 seconds of poison debuff (good for ppl who like to kb spam you off a mountain - keeps them in combat)
    Blaze: 10 Second Fire Resistance Bursts: 20 Second Cooldown
    Magma Cube: 30 Second Fire Resistance Burst: 20 Second Cooldown
    Slime: 3% chance to give your attacker 5 seconds of slowness IV (not op cuz the splash is 20 seconds)
    Zombie: 5% chance to give your attacker 15 seconds of Hunger

    These are all examples, please suggest anything else you think could be added to this. This suggestion is also in the discord so please vote there :)
    - Cp

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    wow that was so long, but good job over all bro <3
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    are we turning into a spinoff survival (certain popular servers) skyblock or something

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