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What happened? A post inspired by RexTheGreat.

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Jamm, Jul 15, 2020.


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Poll closed Jul 19, 2020.
  1. Yes!

  2. No. Discord does the job for me.

  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hi forum dwellers (if you still exist!),

    Do you remember back in the day when you could come on the forums and actually see a sign of intelligent life, discussion and important debates about the server?

    I do. A few months ago @RexTheGreat37 pointed out that he missed that when we were considering removing the forums. Most popular games today do not still maintain forums, but I believe there is a purpose for them. Discord is not a great place for debate or forming intelligent discussions at all, so if you enjoy that, you are probably frustrated with Discord's shortcomings at times.

    Discord is great for short form messaging and managing communities, but it's not a full solution. I believe it should be used in combination with forums so that players with useful critique and information can be as effective as possible in inspiring necessary change on a gaming platform.

    While I do not ever expect the forums to be very lively again, I think that the dedicated players who want to have a voice in the community can be more influential through forums if they are encouraged to. Quality over quantity my dudes.

  2. BDJ

    BDJ Fresh Spawn

    I personally believe that forums as it exist right now is not a good fit for the current state of the community. Most users simply don't care too much too express ideas in a way that would benefit the use of forums. And for those who love the community and have thoughts to express discord works just fine as is, of course, it these thoughts get buried under the constant flow of text but that's not really a problem, because using in terms of utilization a simple conversation is usually all that's wanted. Regarding the use of both forums and discord, sadly the community hasn't developed in such a way that positively reinforced the use of forums over discord, especially since suggestion now live on discord instead there's really no reason to ever visit forums unless you're banned on discord and want to write an appeal and haven't ever contacted a staff member before.
  3. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    While the above's true, I do appreciate having a place where there's actually potential to maintain real, serious discussions instead of having channels constantly interrupted by players asking for help or just coming along to chat. The #design channel was intended to be a serious channel meant only for expressing one's opinion regarding game design or other server/community-related features, yet the discussion is broken on the regular by players not knowing where to get the help they need.

    Forums isn't completely dead, either. While it's clear that people have chosen the accessibility of discord over the rich discussion-hosting experience forums provide, people still look to it to express their opinions when need be. Take Zohra's ban appeal for example. Corpse looting had become such an issue that many players who don't normally take to their keyboards and write out their opinions in such a formal manner had created their accounts because supporting (or fighting) such a cause was important to them, and forums served to portray their ideas in a way that texting on Discord can't.

    Another issue would be that despite Discord's easy-to-understand interface and widespread use, there are still people who can't use it. It may be blocked in some regions, or a player might be too young to be using the platform. @Algol Vela was a good example. She made it clear that she wasn't going to be using Discord anytime soon and as such, whenever she needed to communicate outside of the game itself, she used the forums.

    All things considered, yeah, the forums are pretty dead. But pretty dead isn't completely dead, and it doesn't mean it has no potential. Sometimes all other platforms prove insufficient for whatever issue a player needs to communicate, and the way I see it it's up to the administration to make sure that the server caters to all aspects of communication in this community.

    Well said, Jamm! Ty for the shoutout btw lmao

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