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The Vanilla-Modded Update

Discussion in 'News' started by Jamm, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hey, everyone!

    We're going to start posting important blog posts here instead of just the Discord to increase their reach. Comments will be disabled in the News & Announcement section, however. If you want to discuss updates and general server stuff, please consider joining our Discord server!

    The Vanilla-Modded Update

    What is this vanilla-modded update about? It's the way forward for CC as a server, and we're leading the way into a better future for Survival servers. Modded servers have always had a big advantage over Spigot/Bukkit servers in terms of modding capability. The gap between the two is still huge, but there is new technology in Minecraft that allows us to add completely new blocks, items, tools, weapons and more. We are taking advantage of this and using it to solve many problems with the base-game when it comes to Multiplayer Survival. The main problem with survival-like servers is that the end game is met too early, and there is not enough lots of players engaged for a long period of time. Our take on vanilla-modded Survival aims to solve this and more.

    We are doing all of this with NO MODDING required on your part. The only thing you need to do to experience this new update is download the resource pack when you join the server. You don't have to use the resource pack to use the items however.

    This update utilizes our own custom resource pack. If you want to use the pack, be sure you have resource packs enabled in your server list for CC as seen below:

    Things To Know
    The most important things you need to know to navigate this update is the command /items, and the fact that the new ores Ruby & Sapphire only spawn in the Resource World (/warp Resource). The /items command shows a list of every item we have added in a dynamic GUI menu. You can click on any item in this menu to see how everything you need to know about the item.

    Each item has a color, lore and rarity. The rarities are similar Minecraft's default rarity labeling, with the addition of "Legendary".

    Common - Yellow
    Uncommon - Light Blue
    Rare - Orange
    Legendary - Red

    The center focus around this update so far is the addition of a faster weapon, the Void Sword, new tiers of armor, and the Legendary Void Drill. Void Armor is the base armor crafted from Void Ingots, which are obtained from the End through a new style of Mining we have created that we like to call Void Mining. The Void Drill is an end game "custom pickaxe" designed for mining Void Ore and anything else. It has a 3 x 3 x 6 blast radius.

    All of the items and textures in this update are either completely unique and custom-made or are iterations of already existing items in Minecraft. We believe a balance between the two is good, because it allows for new content to be digested and understood easier while also feeling new.

    We plan on adding more and tweaking things over time to your liking. Please check out our #design channel on Discord if you'd like to heavily influence the design and development of the server!


    This update is the result of several months of work on our part. I would like to give a special thanks to our awesome team of volunteers for helping bring this to life! We love trying new, experimental things in Minecraft and pushing boundaries. :)
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