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Zohra's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Zohra122, Jul 10, 2020.

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  1. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    I can prove it isnt me and if he logs in right now where he is would it appearthat we are not the same or ?
  2. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    All tho i told him you can leave a msg wether it is leaning against me or to my side , because he is my cousin he did say i was nice and should be given a second . First of all to say that i am not the same person i can prove that ! If you look at his msg he has auto-correct activated at his keyboard which he puts a CAPITAL letter in each word . Second of all we have been messing around in the discord before i even got banned , we've been posting pics of each other just for the fun . So ya thanks and hope you understand :(
  3. TheDarkside14

    TheDarkside14 Fresh Spawn

    What is his ingame name?
  4. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    I don't think he ever played, i suggested we will play together sometime before i got banned but never got to ! Don't think he logged in but who knows , i've been trying to dm him but he switched houses so he is having issues with his wifi . Nothing really i can help with but i can proove we aren't the same people .

  5. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Dude... why would "he" create a forums account without ever even having been on the server?
  6. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Well we were planning to , but since i got banned we never got to play , he ended up creating it because i told him to do so and leave a msg there , wether it is against me or leaning to my favour . But Sami handled it pretty well and said they were invalid Rex so no need to talk in this anymore ! We are now waiting for the response from the staff team ! Hopefully i can get a reduce
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