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Zohra's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Zohra122, Jul 10, 2020.

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  1. cp12cwp

    cp12cwp Trial Helper Staff Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Contradicting yourself, and I agree with what teh and rex have said so there rlly isn't much more to be said. But I'll leave these screenshots here. You act completely different when people disagree with you, in comparison of when they do. Imo you report just to boost your ego and make others feel bad (as you have constantly mocked players, this is friendly survival. Not factions
  2. Air Conditioner

    Air Conditioner Fresh Spawn


    Imagine evading a 7 day ban then saying that you changed, you make someone like coldwheels140 look like a priest when it comes to toxicity, and you always use the excuse “But it isn’t against the rules”. I can’t wait to see you lawyer against your president using that excuse. But good luck! Hope i see you not coming back
  3. Sukidakara

    Sukidakara Trial Helper Staff Member

    Hey zohra!
    I have forgiven you to what you said to me, but giving a second chance to a man that has done multiple offenses isn’t gonna do it. You’ve done enough misbehaving in the server now you have to pay for everything that you did. It takes time for us to change but right now, isn’t a good time.
  4. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Thanks phildaboss !
    Im trying :/
  5. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Hi thanks for the opinions guys !
    You have to see it from my perspective ! When you have a lot of people to deal with you gotta mess up some time .
    If you don't think am a changed man then at at least just take my effort of sending you guy's msgs and going thrue alll these and reading them , also i've been helping people on discord and doing other stuff .
    I hope you forget me .
    My apologies .
  6. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    I've been around you. Honestly, I feel as though if you were permabanned, you'd be like cold and alt 'til even your friends hated you. You were so impatient that you evaded a punishment that was only 7 days long. You are so hypocritical because of the way you act in-game, disrespecting people to no end. You are immensely frustrating and toxic. When leeching was legal, people HATED the leechers, and the same is going for corpse looting. You don't understand the difference between right and wrong, except for when it plays to your advantage.
    A hard
    from me.

  7. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Thanks xNapr .
    I could only apologize with my shamefull face and i deserve everything that is happening me . I want people to be completly different in their act . I understand everything , i feel the hate towards me and i want the players to be different than me in their act and forgive me :( ! I am putting quite alot of effort to changing my ways and it won't hurt if you guys gave me another chance .

  8. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Member

    Ok, I shouldnt have made a list of what how you fucked up and all your flaws, you clearly know what you did wrong. Good. Now deal with it. Actions come with consequences. Grow. Up. I dont care for a reply. Also, its Xxnapr, not xNapr.
  9. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Xxnapr i am trying , if you have anything else to say , feel free to do so !
  10. TheDarkside14

    TheDarkside14 Fresh Spawn

    Zohra, you say that you want another chance. You made the whole community hate you, they tried to give you a chance but you deceived them. Then came in the staff to give you a chance, they first banned you for 7 days, not permanent, meaning they did give you a chance. You also deceived them by ban evading with an alt. Now you want another chance? How many chances do you want? How do we not know that you will keep deceiving us? Think about it. Instead of making a ban appeal as you got permanent ban. Take your time to think about what you did to the community, to the staff, to everyone, then make a proper ban appeal. Take a week, 2 weeks or even more, take as much time as you need. Just don't come to the forums thinking you will be unbanned again just by apologizing and saying "you changed". People don't change in a day or two. It takes weeks, months or even years.

    After all I said, take this into consideration and make a better ban appeal and say that you TRULY changed, not just say it to get unbanned and deceive us once again.

    Yours truly, Dark.
  11. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Thanks TheDark !
    You know you are right , i want to get unbaned but at the same time i don't i need a punishement for what i caused . Legit the update got ruined by me lol . Maybe from IP ban to 1 month ban i think id resonable . If i do get unbaned ill try to msg the guy ingame and see if he still got the stuff . Ill be returning the bits and bobs of the i got left overs . I will happely take a month ban all tho i enjoy playing the server , i'm sorry
  12. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Seeing a few excuses in the form of "it's not in the rules".

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the rules you'll find this. It's a disclaimer that allows staff members to punish for anything they see as a broken rule or otherwise, but it covers this too.


    The rules may not go into detail about corpse looting not being allowed, but they do outline that stealing isn't. Given that corpse looting is literally just another word for stealing and that the above disclaimer allows rules to be stretched to cover anything that harms the server's/community's well-being, it's safe to say that what you've been doing really is illegal, and I'm surprised disciplinary action was only taken recently.
  13. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Hi rex !
    Hope you are doing well !
    I think that this statement / rule that has been mentioned works for cases like mine . All tho i think it can cause some arugement between staff themselfs and players . If you think that is something is right from your perspective doesn't mean it is for all others . I'd say it is pretty office for my case . It should have been used against me a long time . And by me saying it is different from everyone's perspective i meant what is happening between staff right now . Since i started corpse looting , i could of easily been banned by one of them already and because the staff team on ConspiracyCraft are wise ( they didn't want to take action before anything was confirmed ) which id why i respect them for that .
    Once again i am sorry and i hope you understand that i said i should be punished , not IP banned tho !
    I've been looking thrue alot of ban appeals that have been worse then mine ( including they dissrespected staff , banned for scamming , ban evaded more then i did ) . And still hasn't received the punishement i did .
    For one ban evasion i got IP Banned . I'm not saying i am an ANGEL , i had my fair share but still didn't do that bad of a punishement compairing to other appeals as i mentioned before .
    I like open minded people like rex that shows his opinion and explains it , not only that he disscus it . I appreciate and i respect you for that .

    Zohra .
  14. MasterWitcher

    MasterWitcher Fresh Spawn

    Hi my name is MasterWitcher and I am here to say that a man should be given a second chance all Tho knowing his past, it probably does not seem like it. I came from a different community and I saw far worse from him. Good luck brother.
  15. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Hi MasterWitcher ! Nice name i must say ! XD
    Thanks for the quote you wrote and thanks for the time you put thrue this . All tho you lean to my side , i must aks why you came from a different community to my appeal ? Exactly mine !
    Well thanks anyways .

  16. MasterWitcher

    MasterWitcher Fresh Spawn

    Well To Be Honest I'am New To The Server Itself And To The Discord. I Just Wanted To Make a Difference And I Saw How Many People Were Mocking You And I Wanted To Stand Up For You. And In My Opinion Everyone Deserves A 2nd Chance. Considering I've Been To A Lot Of Different Minecraft Servers And Communities :D
  17. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Hi MasterWitcher !
    Thanks alot man , really appreciate the help you're giving me right here . I just want to say i will proof that i am changed man once again .
  18. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

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  19. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Yes , he is my cousin
  20. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    He came to my house and created an account , it is from 2 different devices if it shows where they are from .
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