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Un Ban Me! l'll Return All The Money Of Dragon Heads I Have Leeched.

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by NoobYT, Jul 7, 2020.

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  1. NoobYT

    NoobYT Fresh Spawn

    Plz UnBan Me. l'll return all the money of dragon heads i have leeched. As I was a new player in the server I didn't know the rules properly and this was my first minecraft online server that I have played. I liked this server but didn't know the rules properly. l'll never do this thing again & l'll also read the server rules properly. I wish you guys will unban me because iam new to this server.

    Thank You!
    Regards: NoobYT
  2. Linda

    Linda Member

    -1 Pls follow the ban appeal FORMAT written by the owner . You shouldn't of stolen stuff , you can just ask people for money to start up or go on mining trips . You should of reed the rules before you started playing . Good luck !
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