Zohra's unfair ban

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Zohra122, Jun 20, 2020.

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  1. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Ign : Zohra
    Banned by : Hewitt
    Banned for : alt
    Time i was banned : a couple hours ago
    PLEA : I do think this was an unfair ban because when i got banned hewitt said in the chat " how does it feel to be cold " . This all started when the player FlyGuy_ was being me to me and then i said why did they unban you , because i knew he was banned , he said it ran out , then i replied saying it was permanent . FlyGuy_ msgede saying who are you or something like that , i replied that doesnt matter dont be mean next time , and blocked him . Hewitt tped to me and went out vanish and said the phrase that was mentioned before in the appeal . I also gave trust to someone in my storage area and then when he was using my anvil i got banned , ihave no clue if it got griefed or got searched thru but yes . I want staff to look thru this appeal and unban me soon .
    Sorry i can't provide any proof ( logs ) its because i am handling this situation from my phone and there for i can't get logs . If staff want proof of this i can make another thread showing the proof and evidence i got.
    Thanks and take care .
  2. halocobra

    halocobra Fresh Spawn

    You may want to post the length of the ban/mute. Also if you had been warned before about having an alt WITH NO RANK, the ban is just. If not Hewittassassin8 perma banning you is 100% unjust
  3. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Halocobra !
    Thanks for your feedback and thoughts . I will make sure to mention the ban length ( this one is permanent ) next appeal if it 'ill happen . Jamm has made a recent post about alts ( we have been aload up to 5 alts ) so it isnt punishble and he said " how does it feel to be cold " . He thinks i am cold , we are 2 different people and they can ip check him and realise what is going on .
    Thanks once again !
  4. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    This appeal is a bit all over the place but it sounds as though Hew thought you were Coldwheels. Again, this is a bit hard to understand, so correct me if I'm wrong. But Zohra is not coldwheels140 if that's what the concern is. o_O
  5. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    RexTheGreat37 !
    Thanks for the feedback and your time stopping by !
    I tried to explain it as much as i can so its easier .
    Looking back at it , you are right , it is hard to read , sorry .
    Thanks once again !
  6. Zohra122

    Zohra122 Fresh Spawn

    Hi there ,
    Quick update on the situation ! I got unbaned thanks to CP12CWP ( sorry if i spelt your name wrong ) but he talked to HEWITT and expalined that i wasnt COLDWHEELS . All tho i am unbaned i still want HEWITT to face a punishement for what he caused . He false banned me and then he mailed me saying " sorry lol " , i think his apologize . Not only that but once i tried to talk to him in chat he ignored le completly ( i needed help ) and he continued talking in chat , it wasnt only for me it was for multiple people .
  7. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    Howdy, I did assume you were cold since you had a discussion with a certain player about previous drama, not sure why or how you would know the extent or purpose of this drama seeing how you are new but I digress.

    You have been unbanned, and you of course you jumped to using the /mail against me, I had CP talk to you since I went to sleep. As for ignoring you in chat, you aren't the only person that plays this server, I can promise you there was 15 other important things I had to do before I helped you, just how the barrel rolls dawg.

    See you ingame!
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