I've been banned for life or smth .3.

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by comrade poopyhead, Jun 20, 2020.

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  1. comrade poopyhead

    comrade poopyhead Fresh Spawn

    Username: big666peepee

    Punished by: billynguy

    Date punished: 6/20/2020

    Punishment type: ban

    Punishment length: permanently banned

    Reason: "the ban hammer has spoken." I have no idea I have just joined the server and I got spawned on the top of a tree and tried to mine my way down, and when I destroyed a block it told me that I don't have (?)'s permission and so I walked a few blocks away and tried to jump and then accidentally mined another block and it showed me the same message, then few seconds later I was banned.

    Plea: how was I supposed to know that the land was claimed by someone else? it had no buildings on it whatsoever. it was an honest mistake.
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