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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by 51R_B0B, Jun 19, 2020.

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  1. 51R_B0B

    51R_B0B Fresh Spawn

    Username: 51R_B0B (the O in Bob is a zero)

    Punished By: HewittAssassin8

    Date Punished: 2020-06-19

    Punishment Type: Ban

    Punishment Length: Permanent

    Reason: Cheating (Jesus Hacks)

    Plea: I had made a fishing lake with a 2x2 boat pool because I had heard that being in a boat while fishing increases your chances of catching fish. I was fishing in it when I decided to add slabs to the edges of the boat pool in order to improve visibility of the pond. When I stood up and removed the boat, I discovered that I was able to walk over the area in which the boat had resided as though it were solid blocks. I promptly announced this to the chat, saying "The heck? I can walk on water!". A mod tpd to me and I showed them the bug by walking over and jumping on the boat pool. I was not using Jesus or any kind of cheats, it was a bug I had discovered but before I could say that, I was banned. I would never use cheats of any type on this wonderful server. I've had a lot of fun and met a lot of nice people over the past month. This was the first Minecraft server I've ever played on, and I sincerely do not want to be kicked out of it forever. Please.
  2. 51R_B0B

    51R_B0B Fresh Spawn

    I probably should have mentioned that I was presenting a bug before demonstrating it to anybody, and I understand why Hewitt was so quick to take action. However, considering that it was a misunderstanding, could I please be unbanned soon? Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my appeal.
  3. XxnaprRL

    XxnaprRL Fresh Spawn

    Very reasonable, and overall I think you should be unbanned. You did nothing, didn't even *joke* about hacking, but it was interpreted as so. Plus 10000, unless there is something left out.
  4. halocobra

    halocobra Fresh Spawn

    If you had a boat in the 2x2 you may have been standing on it since its a solid and then later glitched out.
  5. RexTheGreat37

    RexTheGreat37 Active Member

    Sounds like a misunderstanding. Over the past few weeks you've been here you've shown a lot of respect towards the server, and haven't progressed on it the way a hacker would. Good luck, you're a nice guy and I hope to see you unbanned. :)
  6. 51R_B0B

    51R_B0B Fresh Spawn

    Thank you all for these kind words! ❤(^ ◡ ^ )❤
  7. 51R_B0B

    51R_B0B Fresh Spawn

    I did some research about boats appearing invisible and I found an article on technical-minecraft fandom. It seems as though I cannot post the link here, but if you look up 'client server desynchronization minecraft boat', it will be the first result.
    "A player standing on a ghost block is essentially flying to the server. The server regards the player as flying in the middle of the air, while the client regards it as standing on a solid block."
    Since this may have happened above water, it would perhaps make it appear as if I was "flying" over the surface of the water?
  8. 51R_B0B

    51R_B0B Fresh Spawn

    The article even includes a section about boats, stating "A common example of the ghost mode is boats getting desynchronized. This often happens randomly...".
  9. FroTheLoaf

    FroTheLoaf Fresh Spawn

  10. Black34879

    Black34879 Fresh Spawn

    i've experienced the same but instead my horse disappeared
  11. KouritoKokoro

    KouritoKokoro Fresh Spawn

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