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nbasuperstar133's T-Helper or Helper Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by NBAYT, Jun 9, 2020.

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  1. NBAYT

    NBAYT Member

    Username: nbasuperstar133

    Date Joined: I would say I joined around either April or May.

    Time Played: Either 58 - 62 hours of playtime in total. (It could be more based on the statistics of my playtime.)

    Age: 18 years old

    Rank(s): Diamond/ Evoker or Warlord

    Position: Trial Helper or Helper

    Timezone: Eastern Time (EST)

    Past Punishments:
    Billy said there are some punishments but they are not recent. I could say either not applicable or none.

    About: (Write a short summary about yourself, your interests and what makes you unique)
    Well, I am an old player that used to play factions since map 10. I am an honest and smart person. I am anti-sociable because I have real issues with my mental health. Also I have played on this server for either 4 or 5 years. The things I like to do is coding in Java or JavaScript when I am bored. I like to read books and watch YouTube videos from 2018. Well, I have slight autism but I can become mentally challenged when I am given too many tasks at once. I am trying to overcome it so I can prove myself that I can handle anything mentally.
    I even got a 4.0 GPA with my condition and I be going to war with my brain everyday when it is in the books or reality. I am still fighting with myself till this day.

    Reason: There are a few reason(s) why I would want to apply:
    - I have nothing to do other than /afk on the server daily when I could be doing something productive to contribute to the server.
    - I do see new players that are struggling to understand how to play the game when I can explain the best of my ability of what I know about Minecraft and still learning this version as well.
    - To give some advice to especially new players that needs to understand the /rules and make them feel welcomed to the server.
    - I was a non-rank at a few servers and I was being treated as if I never belonged and the staff ignored my statements and cries of what some players that violate the rules. Now, I want the non-ranks to never suffer from those mental stages when they feel outcast in our community.

    Experience: I can recall somethings about Helper ranks:
    - They have the ability to report a player that show misconduct and ignored the implied rules.
    - They can mute the player for a certain number of hours unless if the player keeps insisting, they would be either be perm-muted or being reported to higher staff to ban for a day.
    - They are closer to the community and they are below the hierarchy of the server and they are like the "local governments" that are socially connected with the people and they report the issues to the "state government." (Moderator or Admin)
    - Also they can be demoted if they abuse their authorities to regulate chat or using their powers to have advantage over the players which creates unfairness.

    Server: The server that is currently running is survival.

    Discord: You can contact me to my discord: nbasuperstar133#3975

    Additional Comments: I would want to say some things until I wrap this up. Even though some players don't know me or recall me, I will try my best to be closer to the community and being engaged in positive conversations that are related to the game or reality but not be toxic or abusive about it. Also this server has been running for a few years now and it is standing stronger than before since factions ended. I enjoyed my time playing factions when it lasts but I have to try something new for once. Then 1.15.2 felt so weird and unusual for me but I was mind-blown when I saw a huge change in the gameplay and interacting with new objects in the game. It makes me feel new either than being labeled as "OG." Some people will not know me or recognize me but once I start to be social, then we would be closer together and you will see the good side of me. Sometimes I do get angry or upset if I don't respond back because it can either be my autism or being angry at something that kept striking my brain like a Mike Tyson punch. You will see the good side AND the bad side of me. But don't worry about the bad side, if you are positive to me and everyone else then you will make my day happy and full with joy.
  2. Capzile

    Capzile Well-Known Member

    Yessir +1
  3. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    +1 one of the most reasonable and rational and most mature people i have ever played with
  4. AzCasian

    AzCasian Active Member

    godamn NBA still plays. Mature and fair person +1
  5. Seasmy

    Seasmy Fresh Spawn

    -1 dude has the whole server on /ignore and wants helper what kind of irony is this
  6. NBAYT

    NBAYT Member

    It is just hard for me to communicate. I have written about my personal issues in the application if you have read it already. I am still challenged with myself and getting upset just makes me feel as if you don’t want me to contribute or do anything that makes me feel closer to the server. I did went too far with the /ignore but I do get carried away with my actions. Sometimes I have to balance the right and the wrong things. Just give me time to grow and you will see me grow over time. Also, thank you for your rating and feedback.
  7. Seasmy

    Seasmy Fresh Spawn

    it's not that I don't want someone who's willing to make a server a better place it's just that you should try focusing on yourself first if your not comfortable with communicating with people, You can just help people without a helper rank aswell if that's what you wanna do get comfortable with that first could be a nice step :)
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