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Discussion in 'Rules' started by Jamm, May 27, 2020.

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  1. Jamm

    Jamm Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Our goal is to create a fun and safe gaming environment while allowing as much freedom as possible. These rules help us design a great play experience for you. By following the rules, you are actively helping us provide a better place to play! :)

    Community Rules


    The main language of the community is English. We also keep our chat filter as lenient as possible while still cultivating a great community.
    • English only in the public chats.
    • You may use party chat, pm's or local chat for other languages.
    • Cursing is allowed, however you can toggle it with /chat.
    • No profanity/cursing in names, nicknames or renamed items.
    Disrespect & Intolerance

    We're all here to have fun! While we don't expect you to treat random people on the internet with utmost respect, do not bully, harass or be intolerant towards other players/staff.
    • Don't bully or harass others.
    • Don't mistreat others based on their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or handicap.
    Inappropriate Content

    We don't allow highly controversial, politically charged, obscene or sexual content. This goes for both socially, and through player-generated content like builds, skins, nicknames and renamed items.

    Dangerous or Illegal Activities

    Everyone should feel safe in our community. Don't act in a way that puts you or someone else at risk in real life.
    • Respect the privacy of others.
    • Do not make threats to harm yourself or others, even as a joke.

    Do not impersonate another player or staff member.

    IRL Trading (Real Life Trading)

    Don't trade game items for IRL currency. Trading items from the store for other game items isn't an IRL trade.


    Don't advertise other products or services.
    • Casual discussion of other servers/products is fine.
    • You can advertise your own content such as a YouTube or Twitch channel tastefully.
    Spam & Moderation

    Don't spam the chat or commands. Private and local chat (including messages) aren't staff-moderated unless a reported incident is deemed severe enough to justify punishment.

    Gameplay Rules


    Do not use any client or game modification that gives you an unfair advantage in the game. Even joking about cheating can lead to punishment.
    • Don't cheat, exploit bugs or glitches (going on the nether roof is allowed).
    • Don't AFK grind any skill, item, mob drop or XP (both vanilla and mcMMO). Automated mob grinders, potion brewers, smelters, villager farms and others alike are exempted from this rule.
    • Don't abuse bought/unlocked perks in combat (both PvP and PvE; however /god is allowed in overworld PvE).
    • Don't scam other players on /ah or any other trading methods.

    While this is a multiplayer survival game, we like to preserve the aspects of single-player that make for a great experience.
    • Don't build or claim near someone's land without their permission.
    • Don't build "cobble monsters" (or anything alike) anywhere.
    • Don't destroy or steal from an unclaimed player-made build.
    • Don't steal ender dragon loot from other players/parties. Whoever spawns the dragon has a right to the loot unless they do not try to kill it for an extended period of time. This is a temporary rule until we have a better system in place. Breaking this rule will result in a temp ban.
    Accounts & Sharing

    You can make a maximum of 5 accounts. If you want more than 5, you must have a paid rank on the extra account(s).
    • Don't log in with more than 5 accounts at once.
    • Don't share accounts.
    • Don't bypass punishments by using other accounts.
    • AFK accounts may be kicked if the server is at capacity.
    Unfair Contraptions

    We may remove/disable redstone contraptions that negatively affect other players' experiences (tps, exploits).
    • Don't make zero-tick or shaky-sand farms.
    • If you are unsure about what you are building, contact a staff member.
    • If it's not meant to cause harm or exploit bugs, it's probably okay.
    Modding Rules

    Clients/Mods that are advertised as cheats aren't allowed in any shape or form. Below is a guideline on what is allowed with modding. If a type of modding is not listed as allowed, it is not allowed.

    Allowed types of mods:

    • Chest sorting (no inventory sorting)
    • FPS enhancing (like OptiFine)
    • Minimaps (no cave or entity tracking of any kind)
    • Crafting efficiency
    • Waypoints
    • Visual enhancements (full bright, shaders, HUD tweaks, low fire, etc.)
    • Keybinds (no direct teleportation keybinds (gui's are fine), no scripting actions, only single commands)
    • Cinematic/recording features
    • Building efficiency/schematics (no auto-block placing or "printing")
    Allowed popular clients:
    • Labymod
    • TLauncher
    • Badlion
    • Better PvP Fair-Play
    Modding note: You can use non-listed clients if they follow the allowed types of mods.

    Questions & Reports
    If you're unsure about a rule, or want to do, build or use something that isn't explicitly stated in the rules, then please ask the staff team for advice or clarification. We encourage everyone to report rule breakers on Discord via tickets. Staff are labeled everywhere with T-Helper, Helper, T-Mod, Mod, Admin or Director. If they do not have one of these tags, they aren't a staff member!

    • Admitting or pretending to break a rule may have the same result as breaking it.
    • Assisting or aiding a player breaking a rule may have the same result as breaking it.
    • It's up to you to keep up-to-date with these rules.
    • This is not an exhaustive list of the rules on the server. Staff members are allowed to punish any player if deemed necessary.
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