I got banded

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by KingDino47, May 20, 2020.

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  1. KingDino47

    KingDino47 Fresh Spawn

    Thread Title: Banded for hacking

    Username: KingDino47

    Punished by: n/a

    Date punished: 5/20/2020

    Punishment type: permanent ban

    Punishment length:permanent

    Reason:For hacking

    Plea:I believe i should get unbanned because i didn't get a warning i just got permanent banned i know hacking is wrong but i promise i won't hack in the server again .The server is one of the best servers and i really want to play on it again that is the only server i was playing at the moment.I also believe i should not get permanent banned since it is the first time i was hacking and the first time i get banned on the server so can you please unban me.Thank you for your time.
  2. KingDino47

    KingDino47 Fresh Spawn

    Sorry didn't mean to put that emoji
  3. KingDino47

    KingDino47 Fresh Spawn

    It had to say permanent
  4. SlushyMonsta

    SlushyMonsta Fresh Spawn

    Dude u appeal once and get unbanned Im still appealing with billy|
    Its been 5-6 days
  5. Black34879

    Black34879 Fresh Spawn

    maybe it would help if u stopped sending appeals on profile posts instead of making an actual appeal on forums
  6. SlushyMonsta

    SlushyMonsta Fresh Spawn

    Its my first time bro
    I already make an appeal to billy and still waiting for respond (2nd appeal 1st one didnt work couse the format is wrong)
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